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! This faction, which once was part of our server, no longer exist. Only the stories remain about it.

Motive: Suppressed due to inactivity.




Woodmen, were created as a sub-faction of Dale. Currently they are not part of any empire and have no members, to enter the faction, you should talk to the server staff.
To make Woodmen independent you must have 1 recognized city and 5 active players.

Roleplay and Lore[]

'The Woodmen, also known as the Woodmen of Mirkwood, are a Race of Men distantly related to the Edain who, by the Third Age, inhabited the western Portion of the Mirkwood Forest. Not much is known of the group other than their Inhabitants, who are excellent huntsmen, and that they were probably led by a chieftain. The land they populated, over the years, became a victim of deforestation; this region is known as the East Bight, and the once fertile forest there became a sea of tree stumps and old buildings; many of which had to be abandoned when the Balcoth and Wainriders invaded.

In 430 of the Fourth Age, the Woodmen were annexed by the Dalish in the East Bight Conflict, and their territories were absorbed into the Kingdom of Dale.