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The Wood-elves are the Silvan Elves that dwell in the vast forest of Mirkwood to the northeast of Middle-earth.They live in the uncorrupted portion of the forest, the Woodland Realm. They represent one of the last Elven civilizations remaining in the Third Age of Middle-Earth, and the largest militarily. They wield swift bows and boast formidable archer companies, as well as agile scout forces and riders mounted upon woodland beasts


First Dynasty (2016-2018)

  • King Molo97 (Spring 2016 - December 2016)
  • King Finrod (Molo97) (December 2016 - Spring 2017)
  • King Thranduil (Molo97) (Spring 2017 - January 2018)
  • King Thranduil (Molo97) (4th of June 2018 -September 2018)
  • King Legolas (CeryusBusiness) (September 2018 - ? 2019)

Second Dynasty(2018)

  • King Gancelot (Giacobrick) (Spring 2018- 4th of June 2018)

Third Dynasty (2020)

  • Aran Beleg Cuthalion (? 2020 - 16th of May 2020)

Fourth Dynasty (2021)

  • King Thranduil (Batzgamer) (Janurary 2021- Present)


Before the Second Age it is not known how The Wood-elves lived but it is possible they lived in small tribal groups wandering the forest.

In the Second Age after the War of Wrath and the destruction of the Beleriand, Oropher, a Sindarin prince, came to the forest known as Greenwood the Great.The Sindarin company intended to live like the Wood-elves: natural and undisturbed. This notion was appealing to the Wood-elves and Oropher was soon named their king, adopting their language and way of life. After being named King of the Woodland Realm, Oropher established his capital on Amon Lanc in the southern part of the forest. The Woodland realm flourished in peace with its boundaries unchanged and way of life undisturbed for over a millennium. Sometime after Oropher had his capital moved further north in around the Mountains of Mirkwood. The main reason for this was the growing threat of Sauron in the East. Despite this problem, the Elves of the Woodland Realm still continued to roam the south of the forest westward down the Anduin.

Oropher with Thranduil, by Kazuki Mendou

Over one hundred years after the Downfall of Númenor, the threat of Sauron returned once again to Middle-earth. Oropher and the Elves of Lórien under Amdír both agreed to create a large army and a combined force of Wood-elves and Galadhrim marched to support the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Though they were as determined to defeat Sauron as the others, Oropher and Amdír's army was lightly armed and less experienced in major warfare. They also refused to submit to the supreme authority of Gil-galad due to past disputes with Ñoldor, and so fought independently. They suffered heavy losses and Oropher and Amdír were both killed. Oropher's son, Thranduil, survived the war and took his father's place as King of the Woodland Realm.

Despite the heavy losses their people had suffered during the War of the Last Alliance, the Elves of the Woodland Realm survived and continued living peacefully in the forest for the next millennium. The peace was broken when a mysterious being known as the Necromancer began living in the abandoned halls of Amon Lanc. Afterwards, the forest became dark and tainted, infested with Orcs, Great Spiders, and other mysterious and savage beings. The elves were then forced to remove themselves to the northernmost part of the forest and the capital relocated to a cave settlement under a wooded hill, in the northeastern border of the forest. From then on, the Woodland Realm remained confined to the north. It was at this time that the Elves renamed the forest to Mirkwood along other with other places they formerly occupied.

The Elves of the Woodland Realm survived but lived more cautiously considering the increased danger. They traded with the neighboring realms of the Lonely Mountain and Dale. This however was not to last because everything changed when the dragon Smaug came down from the North and destroyed both the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and the Mannish town of Dale. Afterwards, the elves moved about the forest in secret and were very distrustful of any strangers and their only contact with the outside world was trade and occasional visitation with the refugees of Dale living in Laketown on the Long Lake.

Sometime after Thorin and Company came through the Woodland Realm on their way to the Lonely Mountain on The Quest of Erebor. Thranduil considered them trespassers and had them imprisoned. After the death of Smaug, the king offered relief to the Men of Laketown for Bard’s valiant slaying of the dragon.

The timely arrival of Gandalf with a warning of an army of goblins and wargs coming to do battle for the treasure forced the elves, men, and dwarves to join forces and fight a common enemy.


The Wood-elves and their allies defeated the orcs and many lay dead, but peace finally returned to the region with the enemies defeated and news of the White Council having driven the Necromancer out of Dol Guldur..

Peace for the Elves of the Woodland Realm reigned for decades until they became involved directly in the War of the Ring when the creature Gollum was captured by Aragorn and imprisoned there, but an orc raid allowed him to escape. Afterwards, Thranduil sent his son Legolas to Rivendell as a representative of the Woodland Realm and to inform the Council of Gollum’s escape.

The Woodland Realm was attacked by forces from Dol Guldur, becoming part of the Battles of the North. Thranduil and the Wood-elves were victorious and the forest was eventually cleansed of all its enemies and as Galadriel had thrown down the walls Dol Guldur, there was no longer any threat from there and the shadow was permanently removed from the forest.

The Woodland Realm people played an important role during the early years of the Fourth Age when a group of Elves from the Woodland Realm led by Legolas traveled to Gondor and helped rebuild the city of Minas Tirith and replenished and beautified the war-ravaged lands of Ithilien.

History on the server

The Silvan elves were without a king since Molo97 took the throne in Spring of 2016, who initially buil't his halls on the edge of his southern border. King Finrod (Molo97) built then a fort near Thranduil's halls, and started his city in June 2016, after the two wars against the orcs proved his defenses too weak to repel a full assault from the dark legions. Now only ruins are on the southern border, plagued by past wars, but Thranduil's Halls stand strong against the enemy. King Thranduil (Molo97) partecipated in the first two wars against Sauron (Lukereds), the raid of Nurn, the defense of Edoras, the Siege of Eilenach. He left the throne in January 2018. After that, the Silvan elves lost their major role in the events of Middle Earth. In Spring 2018 Siegfried King of Artheloth gained the control of the kingdom, turning it into a vassal of Artheloth and entrusted to the Commander of the Royal Guards Gancelot (Giacobrick) the rule of the land.

King Thranduil got back after some months of absence and saw the poor shape of the elven kingdoms: the wood elves vassallized, as the galadhrim. The high elves few in number, but a small light in his thoughts: Tol Edhil, a new kingdom born in the east. Knowing that returning to the wood elves could start a civil war, if not managed right, he asked a small council with the king of Artheloth and his vassal, Siegfried and Giancelot. Siegfried was not greedy, nor evil, and agreed to release Wood elves if Giancelot could become king of another nation. Thranduil, hearing his conditions, had a plan. Thranduil always had a plan. He asked to MarsonX to release Lothlorien, so he could create a federation of all the elven kingdoms; MarsonX, after much debating, accepted, and Lorien now was free. With Lorien now able to enter in the federation Thranduil offered it to Giancelot, who gladly accepted. Then he invited even Artheloth, with the unespected joy of Siegfried. Then Tol Edhil, under the rule of Aelwen, and Lindon joined the federation, starting a new age for the elves in Middle Earth.

Not much time passed that clouds of war gathered in Middle Earth. Hexenetor disappeared, and MarsonX too. As the same time, two new rhunic chieftains declared unrestricted war to all the free folks and started their raids, helped by the Witchking and many orcs. Gondor missed the call for help from their northern brothers, and they protected only Tol Edhil, using the vassallized Dorwinion to throw incursions and to defend the new walls of the city. Enraged by the actions of the rhunic lords, Thranduil decided to do something. He mocked them, accusing both of cowardness, because they not dared to raid him, but only a new born and fragile kingdom or an old and vanishing one. The easterling marched in Mirkwood, but Thranduil had a plan. Thranduil always had a plan: being unable of helping directly his allies -he had to rejuvenate a kingdom left too much withouth a strong and active ruler- he lured them away from other targets, forcing them to a harsh march on the woods, culminated in the brief siege of a fort. The fort was assaulted, and Thranduil left quicly with the garrison, knowing that the easterling couldn't stay longer away from home. This strategy proved his worthiness, but it required time, a resource that Thranduil was short of.

After three other wars to help free folks, Thranduil focused on his kingdom, using the time he had to strenghten his defences; he helped his friends in the meantime, but with limited effort, because his resources were scarse, and his silver vanishing. Nonetheless, he managed to regain control of the broken situation in the free folks and with clever diplomacy, that he didn't lack as much as gold, he reunited the dwarves with Gondor, fixing a little bit the relations between the kingdoms.


The first wars

The wars started when Sauron (Lukereds) gathered his armies and his six generals, and ambushed King Wolfen in his fortress. The king of Gondor then asked for help to King Molo97, who helped him defeating his enemies, killing many of them with his bow. Many month passed, before Mordor acted for revenge. Sauron (Lukereds) with his generals and the Witchking (DragonMaster) launched an assault against the fortress of king Molo97. So Molo97, with the help of King Fundin (Riccardicus), King Sirmatte, King Tuonobotto, King Trild900 and many elves, men and dwarves tried to repel the enemy, but they were overwhelmed. Fortunately, the fort near Thranduil’s halls repelled the attackers. The final act was on the walls of Cerin Amroth, where the free folks finally managed to defeat Mordor one last time. After that, the elves were never ever threatened by war in their borders.

Other wars fought:

  • First siege of Edoras (King Finrod)
  • First Siege of Eilenach(King Finrod)
  • Raids in Ras Morthil (King Thranduil)
  • Battle of the many tears (King Thranduil)
  • War of the hills (King Thranduil)
  • The war of the sun and the moon (King Thranduil)
  • Fifth war for Ithilien (King Thranduil)
  • Second Dwarven civil war (King Thranduil)


Normal ranks:

  • Edhellen-nith(Elvish youth),  50 - 500 alignment, grants a set of scout armour, a bow of mirkwood and a wood-elven sword
  • Tirith-uin-Brethil(Guardian of the trees), 501-1000 alignment, grants a set of wood-elven armour, a galadhrim bow and a wood-elven weapon
  • Hir-ned-tawar(Lord of the forest), 1001 - 1500 alignment, from this rank you can hold a minor castle or city
  • Hir-e-Hirin, 1501+ alignment, you can hold a major castle or city and you will be included in the council of the elven king
  • Ist-hir, lord of knowledge, 1500+ alignment,  granted if you have a deep kniowledge in the lore of Middle earth, grants a seat in the council of the king.

Special ranks:

  • Aran-Tirith, Guard of the king, 2000+ alignment, grants a mithril set. Only three of them (------, -----, -----)

List of lords and special roles occupied:


Thranduil Halls - 100%

Thranduil's Halls Main Gates.png

Thranduil's Halls is the capital city of the silvan elves, it was built based on Nargothrond. The massive gates of the city are the only entrance, next you will find the Entrance Hall, where you can find the oldest army in the server (currently not active, only for display). The colums sustain a beautiful barrel vault. Proceding downstairs you will find the two main paths, one leading to the barraks, forges and workshops; the other leads to the residential part of the city.

Thranuil's Halls, Entrance hall.png

There are three secondary halls worth of notice:

  • The Treasure room, containing all the treasures of king Thranduil. It has to say, it's currently empty;
  • The Library, with the beautiful collection of books gathered from all Middle Earth. It contains even some unique books;
  • The Council Room, deisgned to provide a place to discuss with the other kings. Its table resemble the shield of the elves, suggesting the relevance, for the good of the kingdom, of the work of the diplomacy, that sometimes can prove better than weapons.

The throne can be found deep in the main cavern, but the residence of the king is not currently known. Some speculate it's far in the west district, near the treasure room, some believe it's behind a hidden wall in the library. In the past days, before the rebuilding, it was near the throne.

The elves architects were not ready to build it the first time, and they sought the help of the Dwarves from Khazad dum, and King Fundin sent dwarves to help King Thranduil. Now their influence over the city structure is almost vanished, but the experience gained by the elves when working alongside the master architects of the dwarves can be seen in many details and elements of the halls.

Molol's Halls - (abandoned)

Molol's halls was the first city built in the Woodland realm. Molo97 built it in 2016, and many elves followed him to build the first great city. Around 6 players lived there, before the war with Sauron (LukeReds); after that, the city was assaulted and later the forest covered the place where many elves died to defend the realm. Only a clearing marks the spot of the burial place of the elves.

Caras Adonnen - 100%

Nearly two years later, king Thranduil decided to restore the city of king Molol, renaming it Caras Adonnen (Reborn city). It mantains the shape of the old city, as the structures in it, but improved. It has the greatest cemetery in all the realm, with 3 mass graves and countless tombs, in memory of the fallen.

Fort in the wood hills - (abandoned)

King Finrod built it to begin the colonization of the southern part of his realm. But the Witchking (DragonMaster) attacked Edoras and Eilenach, and Finrod had to help them. King Thranduil rebuilt it in another place, since it was razed to the ground by the bands of Dol Guldur orcs. Its location is in the middle of the mountains.

Garth Duat - (abandoned)

Garth Duat (Shadow Fort) is a fort located on the mountains of Mirkwood. It's currently not ruled by any lord. King Thranduil built it at the beginning of the Enchanted river, so it's easily resupplied. The lord of this feud is awarded with the Title Gal-Hir and a special  set.

Amon-Garth - (abandoned)

Amon-Garth (Southern- Fort) is a fort located on the west of the road to Thranduil's halls, in the southern part of the kingdom. It's currently not ruled by any lord. It was built in memory of the city of Molol's halls, and it guards the area near the road, to prevent that the bands of orcs slip through the defenses and harass the merchant and the travellers.

Forodren Garth - (abandoned)

Forodren Garth (Northern Fort), is the fort located in the northern part of Mirkwood. It has no lord and it has been built to prevent the raids of the Gundabad orcs to come close to the Woodland Realm undetected. The Lord holding this feud gets The title of Forodrim Lord and a special armor and weapon set.

Garth-uin-nin - (abandoned)

Garth-uin-nin (Fort of the waters) is located on the south western border, near the elven way that connects Thranduil's halls and the vale of anduin. It has a Twin fort. The lord holding this feuth (currently anyone), gains the title of Gwanun-hir and a special set.

Gwanun Garth - (abandoned)

Gwanun Garth (Twin fort) is located on the northern side of the elven road in the west of the realm. It's called "Twin fort" because he guard the west with his twin "Garth-uin-nin".

River Gate - (abandoned)

The river gate is a small fortification to defend the borders of the kingdom. It's not currently under the rule of any Lord. The noble who will be awarded with the Fief of the River gate is awarded with de title of Tirith Amrun and a special set.

Salogel - Rebuilding in progress - 80%

Salogel was built by king Gancelot (Giacobrick), to gather the refugees scattered by the battles against Sauron. Initially only a small city, it was upgraded under the rule of king Thranduil, who built massive walls and started a new urban plan for the many elves who gathered there.

Mincelon - 100%

Built between the reigns of Thranduil and Legolas. It's built around a precious bridge most useful in wartime to transport armies.