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The War of Conquest is the standard type of war used by various different CBs.

Using the Invasion CB, the same War of Conquest may involved up to 3 different provinces, one after one.

Declaring a new War of Conquest has a cost of 1 War Point.

The annexation of occupied provinces also costs 1 War Point for each province. (NOTE: Rebellion and Seize Land CBs don't require the influence point payment).

How it works

The province is considered occupied once the invader wins the battle (either pitched or a siege). Each of the three provinces which can be conquered within the same war must be close to the pre-war attacker kingdom border otherwise they can't be annexed. 



Current Battle Rules (1 battle x province)


Old rules (prior to the change to 1 battle x province)

Note, the following content is applied until the new regulation gets written down

""The War of Conquest requires 2 battle for each province you're going to occupy.

The first battle of a province will always be pitched, whilst the second, they will be allowed to build a fort unless there is a recognized one already there.

Inside the same war (which may involve up to 3 provinces, one a after one), three battles will need to be pitched and three sieges (2 battles each Prov)""



War ends once the invader loses a battle, if they already captured a province they will be able to annex it by paying 1 War Point.

Check affected peace offers in casus belli page.

After war ends, a truce among defender and attacker is set, in which the defender can't get another war declared against him for 1 week, but in the mean time he is still able to declare new wars against others.



Claims of Recognized Villages and Cities won't be transferred to the new province's owners.

The occupied settlement will also get a mob spawner with controlled parameters in order to spawn the NPC's of the faction which currently rules the settlement.