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The War in the North started with the Invasion of Angmar, a series of battles and skirmishes fought by the Rangers and their allies against the realm of Angmar.

Battle of the Broken Hill[]



  • Radagast (JARANO)
  • Mzil
  • Thalawestor(Hagen)
  • Ithildan (NoraTion)
  • Thrain III (Tranun)
  • Legolas (CeryusBusiness)
  • Obi I Molobi (Molo) (POV)
  • T3lchar


  • Nazgul (tehinator)
  • Saruman (lalic)
  • Nazgul (cmpuck)
  • Witchking (hyperkillertv)
  • AOESo
  • Nazgul (texormiq)
  • Sooapbarr

The battle[]

The defending army crossed into the Ettenmoors as soon as they heard the news of the attackers approacing. They made camp on a tall hill, with a high gorge on the western part and a steep climb to the south, the only realistic avenue for the army of the attackers was the east, since the north was defended by the river.

Radagast and Obi, though, came prepared, bringing two of the newest cannons made in the dwarven workshops. They were placed on the east, while the cavalry skirmished in the west and south, trying to harrass the enemy. After few hours where the cannon roared multiple times, the defenders decided to retreat the barren wasteland that was the top of the hill: scorced by fire and the only thing that grew were arrows.

Radagast ordered a charge to occupy the top of the hill, so Obi and the infantry followed. When they reached the top, they saw clearly how the enemy was still running, so Obi smashed through the center, followed by the main body of the army, while the cavalry was buisy killing the enemies that were on the top of the running enemy column. After few exciting moments, the orcs on the top were cornered to an angle and couldn't find a way to come down, so many of them died falling or by the swords of the free folks' army (AOESo fell from a high place; lalic02 was slain by HagenOfBohemia; Sooapbarr was slain by T3lChaR; tehinator fell from a high place).