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The Staff, in the event of unacceptable delays or the impossibility of reaching an agreement, has the right to decide independently on the Date of the Battle. The Staff has the right to take any action to resolve any problems.

War Rules

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  • 30 minutes before the battle. The overseeing staff member will check your armies. Both sides will be waiting at the battle place, during these 30 minutes it is forbidden to attack the opposing team before the official announcement of the beginning of the battle.
  • Outnumber CAP: Any side can either have up to 7 players, or outnumber the other side by up to +3 players, whichever is higher. Example (Left=number of players on side A; Right=number of players on side B): 1-7 ; 2-7 ; 3-7 ; 4-7 ; 5-8 ; 6-9 ; 7-10 ; 8-11 ; 9-12.
  • ARMY CAP: Each side can have max 5 armies of which only 2 armies can be Cavalry/Mounted. Click here for more information about Battalion Rules.
  • HORSE CAP: Max 3 horses/mounts for each side (Each horse can have 15 speed and 40hp maximum) . The side leader, before the battle start, is called to choose 3 players which will ride a mount. If their horse gets killed, the 3 players are free to take a new one if they find any in the battlefield.
  • If you will participate in a war the staff member assumes you know the specific rules.
  • Faction hopping on Wars:Players may hop freely between factions of the same empire without encountering any war restriction, although: If a player hops in a faction which hasn't been part of the previous empire, said player has to have been a member of the faction before the war was announced/declared. (check in #war-news). A player officially becomes a member of a faction the day he gets his faction role assigned on discord (#assign-me).

Volunteers & Allies

An ally or a volunteering faction can bring armies if it's connected (via sea or land) to the faction it wants to aid. The king can also forbid to let his subordinates bring any troops.

A connection through sea is made when each of the 2 factions involved has a harbour within 2 sea tiles of the other.

Volunteer Limit Rule

Each battle can have up to 6 volunteers, divided in max 2 volunteers each empire. Example: If X is attacked by Y, then A, B and C can send 2 volunteers each to help X or Y.

It's up to the side leader to decide which empire can volunteer for him.

War Types

The "standard" variant of war is known as the war of conquest. The Civil War instead happens only when someone wants to overthrow their king, and it's a variation of the main war type with a slightly different set of criteria and objectives.

War Variants are as follows:

  • War of Conquest
  • Civil War
  • Independence War; essentially a War of Conquest in which the declarer (the faction which wants to achieve independence) will be the defender, and the empire which is losing one of its vassals will be the attacker. The two battles will take place in the defender's territory, so essentially in the land which wants the independence. If the defender wins, then they will achieve freedom and cannot be attacked by the empire for 7 days. If instead the empire defeats the rebellion, the faction will stay inside the empire and no independence can be declared for the next 7 days. Volunteers cannot bring armies; only the defender (which cannot have allies) and the attacker + allies can bring armies.

Declaration of War

More info about wars declarations can be found here

  • There can be up to 3 different wars at same time.
  • Wars can only be started against factions which didn't declare an ongoing war or didn't get another ongoing war against. (If a faction gets a ongoing war against and declared a ongoing war then a dice is rolled for which faction is the attacker.)
  • One empire can fight at most 1 offensive war and 2 defensive wars.
  • Declaration time: If a faction's king wishes to declare war within the current week (usual war times; friday, saturday, sunday) he has to declare the war by Wednesday. Any declaration after Wednesday will result in the war being scheduled in the next week.

Wars Queue Rule

Upon the conclusion of any war, every empire or independent kingdom is allowed to put forward a declaration of war. Once all the declarations are counted, a dice is rolled to determine who wins the war slot. (highest percentage rolled)

Multiple Wars

In the event of Multiple Wars, each war get a day, battles week get scheduled as:

  • One battle in FRIDAY at 21:00 CET
  • One battle in SATURDAY at 18:00 or 21:00 CET
  • One battle in SUNDAY at 18:00 CET

Staff has the right to change the hour of the battle, advising the community in time.

War Truces

After a war ends, the defender side will get a global 1 week truce in which nobody can involve them in wars, this truce work only for factions and dont count empire as a side.

Example: If the faction Mordor under the Dark Legion Empire attack Gondor under South Dúnedain Empire, Gondor will get the truce, no the empire.