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Woe to you oh earth and sea.

Youth & Family[]

Born as Vardamir Elrossirion, son of Eldarion and Melethril. He was born as one of three triplets, Vardamir, Hithmir and Thalmir. The three gems in essence, mírë (mir) meaning gem, Vardamir's name was inherently Varda's gem. He was the "Eldest of the Three" meaning he was the first to see daylight of the triplets.

Being born into a royal family always has it's issues, but especially with two brothers of the same age. In their early days all three brothers were the groomed the same way. They always were adventurous to say the least. They would spend most of their time doing things in the forest closest to their parents' estate. In his teenage years Vardamir showed the best manners of the three brothers and became literate the first. This also marked the time where he developed a sense for connection, that's when he started talking with people more and trying to feel like a part of the group. At the age of 18 he got a group of people to burn corn in a neighboring village so he could get his father's men to arrest them.

Alwedeth, Wife of Vardamir[]


Ascension to the Throne[]

At the age of 49, he starts a quest in which he would seek to get the current king of Arnor, King Arastil of the House Starfall to relinquish his title as king and get himself anointed as king. Firstly he contacted the Steward of Arastil, Tarondor. This did not go as well as he hoped. All messages were ignored and no reply was sent. A month later one of Vardamir's emissaries arrived with good news. He had got the hold of the King himself. He was to return from a hunt in two days, and he would enter Fornost Erain through the main gate and gallop his horse to the Royal Stables. The emissary recommended that the meeting invitation took place in a public place so that the King couldn't deny it. Two days later in the market square twenty or so feet away from the palace, Vardamir and his emissaries would wait a bit towards the stables. Once the King and his men approached, Vardamir's deep voice silenced the men trying to move him and his emissaries away from the stables. He had asked the king, as the true heir to the Kingdom of Arnor, to meet with him and to discuss a matter which would change the Kingdom for years to come. The King swiftly accepted so a meeting was arranged for the next day.


Portrait of Arastil

In his most formal clothes, made of deep-purple suede, and his giant necklace Vardamir rushed towards the Royal Palace, thinking he was late. Behind him, three men one carrying a Decorated Sword, one carrying a Large Book, and one carrying a Golden Chalice adorned with shiny red rubies. At the palace gates, they waited some time until a confused guard came towards the men and asked what they were looking for. Vardamir introduced himself, and once he did the guard rushed into the palace asking about this visit. The guard returned with another younger-looking guard and with apology they opened the gates to the Palace.

They walked in and were guided towards the Royal Council Chamber. A golden inlaid door opened with a very loud creak and the sound of men chatting. As they entered they could see Arastil sipping wine while his advisors argued about something. Once they entered, Vardamir's men laid down the items in front of him, as they did he started to speak. His voice could have been heard throughout the whole palace but he was not shouting. It seemed as if when he talked nothing in whole Arda made a sound. He offered Arastil a proposal he could easily refuse, and a reason he could banish him, but he decided not to. He decided to meet once again, but this time in private.

Days passed, maybe even weeks. Vardamir was growing nervous. One day he decided to visit the Inn within Fornost. A strange-looking man walked up to him and gestured him to go outside. He looked confused and seemed like he needed help. It was nearly midnight, but the moon was nearly full so you could see quite well outside. The man was wearing a hood, and rugged-looking clothes but Vardamir noticed that he had a very valuable-looking ring. Something seemed to be off. He had no fear as he was armed himself, but he was a tad bit nervous. The man still did not talk, opting to stay mysterious towards Vardamir. He started moving toward the back of the inn into a dark alleyway, shaded by a house next to the inn, away from the moonlight. He would disappear from Vardamir's sight. Vardamir thought for a few brief moments and thought about the private meeting he had been waiting for. In his mind this was Arastil in disguise, he thought about it for another moment, walking back and forth in the moonlight next to the dark alleyway. As he walked and walked, he saw a man stumble on a small rock in front of him. The man dropped a piece of paper. Vardamir would glance at it from a distance until he walked toward it intending to give the paper back. As he approached it he noticed it had nothing on it. He picked it up and turned it around and saw an arrow pointing and a handwritten word "right". He decided to trust his gut and opted against the logical. He went into the alleyway and walked in the darkness. He walked till the end of it and saw nothing. He was both confused and nervous at the same time. One of his emissaries found him and asked why he was out this late in the city. He never replied and went toward his home.


Portrayal of the ring

Another few days had passed and a man arrived at his estate's gates. He was let in and Vardamir greeted him at the door. He seemed like a jolly fellow, speaking loudly with a happy tone and swinging his hands around but he would not speak of anything except nonsense. Vardamir wasn't going to speak to a man not knowing what he is even talking about. He got his men to take the madman away. Right as they closed the gate, the man swung his right arm toward Vardamir, and then he noticed. The same ring he had seen a few nights before. A ring seemingly of silver with a sort of jade-colored gem set in it. He told his men to open the gates and escort the man into his house. Once inside he asked the man to follow him to the kitchen where he'd offer him wine. As he went to fetch the wine, a strong wind started blowing outside and droplets of rain started to fall onto the glass windows. Once he returned to the kitchen, he was left in shock. The madman was, in fact, King Arastil. There they talked and talked until nightfall when Arastil left. They had become friends of one another. And Arastil's respect for Vardamir kept growing immensely. Meetings like these described, used to happen on a frequent basis in the next few months until Arastil decided that the time was right. He said, he would relinquish his title as King to not Vardamir, but a friend. And so it happened, a deed of relinquishment was signed by King Arastil Starfall, and his nominated successor would be Vardamir Elrossirion. Vardamir promised to Arastil he would stay a royal advisor to the end. The paper would not get officialized until preparations for the coronation were made.

The Coronation[]

Year 162 of the Fifth Age. A cold morning within the city walls of Fornost Erain. The clouds engulfed the area and started sinking and turning into a fine mist. The droplets of rain would be dropping down from the spruces and pines. A fair maiden could be heard singing whilst entering the city. A grand screech could be heard from the main gate, after that sounds of the porticulis opening. The gates would bust open with a strong sheen of sunlight illuminating two riders. One of them very armoured, the other not. One was a tall figure, strong and swift, the other a small one silent and royal. They gallop to the Royal Palace looking to see the king. As they approach a group of six or so guards open up the gates of the Palace, opening them right as the riders dismounted their horses. They entered, shutting the door tight behind them.

A missionary, from the Kingdom of Dorwinion had arrived with a guard along his side.

The Aftermath[]


As Ruler[]


The Elder's Chronicles[]