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Vaelen Númerión, born somewhere in the great forests of Neldoreth in the 19th year of the First Age. After years of fighting experiences he became one of the Gwaithor's of Gondolin, which in Westron is known as Captains.

After the great destruction of Gondolin, Vaelen fled together with the Edain to the eventual greatest kingdoms of men located on an island in the sea which is known as Númenor. As one of the few Elves who went together with the Edain, it was him who fell in love with the human woman Manwendel. During their journey they had a son named Vaendel and later in Númenor they had another son and named him Ithranial, two Half-Elven sons yet both choosing an immortal life. While his two sons were growing up he swore to protect them and lectured them as much as he could.

Eventually Vaelen became Captain of Númenor as well, he then proceeded teaching his two sons but also tutoring soldiers of Númenor to make a sturdy and impenetrable army. When Vaendel was old enough he even let him in the army, but wasn't taking things easy on his son, quite the contrary; he was even tougher towards his son than the other soldier's. It was painful to watch but eventually it resulted greatly as Vaendel grew up to become one of the Elite amongst Elite in the Númenorean army.

Vaelen then retired as Captain of Númenor and lived the rest of his life peacefully together with his wife. Together with his son Vaendel and his Soldiers, Vaelen went to Middle-Earth on the 600th year of the Second Age. Approximately 3 years later he sacrificed himself to safe his son, keeping his word, he died a heroic death. Ithranial was too young of age to travel alongside his brother and father, since he was only 83 when they went to the lands which are now known as Middle-Earth.

When his brother came back Ithranial was 86 when he heard the news, he burst in tears yet he remembered what his father said to him before departing; "Fight, train and never give up. Not even after my passing." 

Vaelen, captain of both Gondolin and Númenor, being a very sturdy leader who showed no mercy. He is known as father of Vaendel & Ithranial and grandfather of Aerendyl. He died heroically by sacrificing himself to safe his son from potential death. This, is his story.

First Age[]