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My hobbies

Well I like minecraft in the first place and absolutely love the Lord of the Rings mod. (explains a lot what brought me to Ancar lmao) I also like to write certain roleplays. I have been working on some roleplays myself + helped several players on the server on their roleplay.

Roleplay stories

My roleplay stories I have been working on:

Appereance of my character, Aerendyl Númerión, Lord of Harondor, descendant of Númenor and known as the Gondorian Elf.

Aerendyl Númerión

Effírié, Legendary Sword of Aerendyl

Aidermel, Soldier of Gondor

Azriel, Son of Aerendyl

Aldarion of the Norhtern Dúnedain

Ar-Atrexes' Death (and maybe some story before his death)

Ascal & Alen

W.I.P Stories

Archive Ideas

Who is Xavron?

So hey there,

My name is Ron, live in the Netherlands and I've played Minecraft for over 8 years by now. Big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies and the history of Arda.

I'm currently studying IT Networking and I'm doubting to become either IT Business Consultant or IT Business Manager.

Working as a waiter in a Chinese All-Inclusive Buffet Restaurant.

Having a job for in the summer which'll last 2 months working as Supportdesk (where I'll gain a shit ton of money hehehe)

My roles on Ancar

First of all I love to play on the server and I'm an absolute hunter who loves to fight, pvp and raid. A fighter you do not want to have against you.

I absolutely love to work on the server and help the community. That is one of the reasons I'm a Helper on the AncarNetwork server & discord. If you have any questions on the server or discord, text me and I'll be ready to help ye out mate. MC - Xavron | Discord - Xavron#9394

I'm also a Suggestion's Manager on the Ancar Discord. What does that mean? It basically means that I'm the one responsible of accepting certain suggestions to make the server better. Note: If I have approved certain suggestions, it doesn't always mean the higher staff members (Acult & Admins) will do something about that.

Since am a Wiki Moderator, if there's something about the wiki, it'd be often me fixing it and like I just said; I love writing. Not just roleplay stories etc. I love keeping up a wiki like this and keep the players informed about how it works on this server.

Since 16-10-19 I'm also proven to be a Loremaster, basically what that means is that I know alot about the Lord of the Rings lore and I'm able to accept Character Cards which can be made on the Ancar discord. (Link can be found on the main page of this wiki)

On 01-11-19 there was the Utumno event, an event to gain the Flames of Udun. Which resulted in an amazing PvP event where I finished second (Lincoln415 finishing first and T3lChaR finishing Third) ever since I got the Champion of Utumno role. Video of my perspective: Click here

On the 20th of November (20-11-19) I became official Moderator of the Ancar Network. A true honor & I was thrilled to get the message from Acult. I will be putting a lot of effort in the Ancar Network & Hope to be a Moderator which will be remembered.

My history on the server

My first weeks & joining Gondor

Forodren in Northern Mirkwood

My first week on Ancar was in fact as an elf of Lothlórien (which is precisely why my character, Aerendyl, was born in Lórien) after approximately one week, I changed to the Silvan Elves. There I made a fortress, in Northern Mirkwood, called Forodren. The fortress was a huge tower going up, but beneath it was one huge cellar. I had huge plans until eventually, when I heard about a thing called "raids" I went to Isengard, where me and another Elf (cant remember his name, sorry if you read this) encountered TheBigDoc22, Rambo and another Orc.

The battle wasn't in our favour, 2 versus 3, all of them were full mithril. That is when he arrived, the conquerer himself known as the King of Gondor. Everyone who reads this knows precisely who I'm talking about, Hexperim. When he arrived he and the troops he took with him massacred one orc and got the others to flee. I went to help Hexperim and together we killed Rambo, he later returned with more gear.

But we didn't have casuals. Rambo died a couple of times and TheBigDoc22 stayed within his tower, eventually he brought an illegal army which got him kicked. That is when we left and short after, Hexperim told me he saw potential in me and wanted to recruit me as one of the soldiers of the Southern Dúnedain Empire (SDE)

I had some doubts since I'm a very loyal player generally, but to look at the fact I was most often the only Mirkwood elf online I accepted and was welcomed by Eradan (PotatoRekt41) and Anardil (Mati_429) and asked me which fiefdom (province) I wanted to join. I said Anórien, because back then it was my favourite province. (before I knew alóóóót about LotR lore)

During KeyLime

Well during KeyLime it was awesome if you ask me, he was moderator back then until a lot of shit happened. Something I won't share on this page. This was also the era when I started writing the story of Aerendyl, the Gondorian Elf. I always loved writing stories and you can clearly notice that once you read all of my created stories, which you can see on the top of this page.

Thírien from the side

Raids were much more exciting since a lot of people were following KeyLime and the evil side was much more active and challenging.

I also was making a city during KeyLime's era, I was planned to call it Thírien but I was betrayed by someone under the name of MainTeemoTank. He did this so he could become king of Rivendell with the help of KeyLime. Eventually the raids were constant and happened almost twice per day. That was the moment my grudge for MainTeemoTank started and eventually I hunted him down together with some fellow Gondorians.

During these events I was raiding a lot of people as well, I love doing raids and almost every evil player had and still want me to be killed. I also created myself a title as the Warmongerer, cuz I absolutely loved and enjoyed the killing. Eventually I had a pride beyond imagination, I was arrogant and I shouldn't have.

Thírien from the front

After a while, some of my friends; TheBetaOwl, DelnMtt, iZinq_ and Highway_to_wes left to Durin's Folk so TheBetaOwl could become Uzbad. Which we, as Gondor, absolutely disagreed with and despised him & the others for it. From that moment, the KZD and the DLE created alliances between each other and were plundering and raiding constantly. Those were also the times I was getting defeated at my own grounds & also my downfall. I let my pride get too high and I fell from the highest point, which was a crucial part of my life. Not only on MC but in the real world as well because none should get too cocky or too much pride, because eventually, you'll fall harder then you've risen.

Eventually there was some major shit going on as I mentioned earlier which resulted in the leave of a lot of players including KeyLime, HogoBojo, TheBetaOwl, DelnMtt & many others. This resulted in a server which wasn't very active at that moment. Though I always kept playing & did my duties for Ancar & Gondor.

These were also the days I became the General of Gondor. Though that did not last long, short after I became Lord of Harondor because I thought I wasn't ready just yet to be a General.

After the left of KeyLime

Minas Astalda while under construction + undergoing an invasion which immediately spawned like 4 hordes lmao

When KeyLime left many Dwarves Followed him & the many raids weren't as exciting as back then. They were most often small raids with easy wins. During that time I succesfully conquered all remaining provinces of Harondor and I had the likings of Hexperim.

It was also at this time that I started the construction of Minas Astalda which was known as Minas Heru back then. I wasn't a builder myself and it was at this time I absolutely started focussing on Mining, working on my allignment & Constant Fighting. I was known as quite the warmongerer & I worked my ass off to get very high in the top 10 MCMMO.

Xavron left Gondor?

Yes, there was a time where there were only good guys online and the evil side completely perished due to the fact many of the evils were KeyLime's friends & thus meaning they all started to leave one by one, following their friend. Those were the days I was absolutely bored and then Hexperim came with the idea to leave to the Rhudel or the Wainriders, to bring action back to the server. So as Hexperim ordered, I left to Wainriders and became known as Xav. Though bringing action back to the server was Hexperim's and Marson's intention, my intention completely lied in the sake of Gondor. Where eventually I got a small bit of trust of some DLE players including akalii, who then was Sauron. She had 3 artifacts and I could make some good use of her locations. I found some exploits in the base of TheBigDoc22 where she lived. (certain unclaimed areas)

I used those exploits against her, where I send Ravannn (loyal Gondorian) to those locations and to get her killed by Ravannn. We made a perfect team, claiming 2 artifacts of 1 person in approximately 3 days. The artifacts we managed to get from akalii were Aránruth and The Phial of Galadriel.

Eventually we sold the Phial and split the money. We were a great team. A great guy it is, but sadly enough he left a month later (September). Never seen him after, but I hope I'll see him sooner or later.

too lazy to write the entire story, got any idea how long that'd be? :d

Short Summary of what happened:

- Lots of wars

- Lots of raids & kills

- Became Overlord over Rhúdel

- I work alot


A New Begin

The server got a full reset (empires, factions, borders, kings, artifacts, roles, etc.) on the 16th of July 2020. From here a new journey would begin.

I have chosen Gondor together with the loyals & fellow followers of Hexperim. (Me, Bluekiller, Termix, Mati, Beks & ofc Hex) but there were also some familiar faces who returned after a long time (Marson & Kubicek) & together we'd work together to gain a lot of resources for ourselves & rebuild our faction like it once was before. These were sadly the times where I was extremely busy in real life which means I wasn't able to be online much. But I would help the others wherever I could.

There is also another familiar face who returned after a long time, he is loyal to me (Xavron) & is known as dews. He too joined Gondor & worked hard for himself to gain the resources he needs. He brought himself a friend who helped him & too joined Gondor.

We were extremely busy recruiting players where I succesfully recuited a fellow Dutchman Flup_Bear.

W.I.P. until more happens