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Official Motto: "God bless"
Unofficial Motto: "In Andrast we trust"

USB, officially known as United States of Belegaer, is a union of free ports across the surrounding seas of Belegaer. A nation of democracy-bringers and freedom enjoyers. Ruled by eternal president Andrast. Originating from Gondor, George Andraston was known as a famous captain of Dol Amroth. Later this captain stopped caring about working on Dol Amroth because Gondor stopped caring about pirate invasions and thus, Andrast mostly follows his will. Somehow, interests of Gondor and Andrast matched and he stayed as a captain, founding USB at the same time.


Foundation of Tolmond and Umbaltimore

Destroyed ship

Corsair ship, destroyed by one of the ships of Andrast's fleet. Accidently.

Starting on the island of Tolfalas, first settlement of USB was Tolmond. Tolmond is an old settlement of Gondor, that was abandoned during the great plague. It became home to random corsairs over the years. In TA 2958 Andrast and his crew came to the island, accidently destroying one and only present corsair ship there. After landing on the island, Andrast, alongside Ithildan and other crew members destroyed left corsairs and restored the old port and buildings of Tolmond, founding the USB afterwards.

Wings of Freedom version 1

Port of Tolmond before Ithildan's speech

Heading south-west of Tolmond, Andrast discovered an archipelago to the west of Umbar. In year TA 2959 Ithildan and a couple dozens of highly-expierienced builders of Gondor sailed there and started building village of Umbaltimore. After eventually running out of money, Ithildan had a council with Andrast. During that council it was decided that Andrast will finally have revenge on Umbar for torturing civilian gondorians after all these years and Ithildan will have the money to finish construction of Umbaltimore. In other words - Umbar was about to try the taste of their own medicine. This has lead to nation-wide interest and in a couple weeks all the existing ships of USB were gathered in the port of Tolmond. Whole navy of USB was called "Wings of Freedom" and thus, Ithildan decided to give a speech about the upcoming war. After walking up to the scene of Tolmond, he said:

My fellow dunedain... I, Ithildan, stand here today, humbled by the task before us, mindful of the sacrifices born by our Gondorian ancestors. We are in the midst of a crisis. United States of Belegaer is at war against a far-reaching storm of Corsairs of Umbar and servants of Sauron. USB's economy is badly weakened: a consequence of carelessness and irresponsibility on the part of management, but also on the collective failure to make hard choices and to prepare for a new, MAD age. Today, I say to you, that the challenges are real, and they are many. They will not be easily met, or in a short span of time, but know this, United States of Belegaer: they will be met. In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never given, our journey has never been one of shortcuts. It has not been for the evil-hearted or for those who seek the greed and money. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the wasted genii, the creators of MAD things. In our name, they fought in wars, endured the lash of the nazgul. In our name they've been helping Gondor and The Free Folks. Time and time again, these men struggled, and sacrificed, so that we might ... LIVE BETTER. We remain the most powerful navy on the Seas, our minds no less inventive, and services no less needed than they were last week, or yesterday, or the day before the day after tomorrow. Starting today, we must clean our guns, take alllll our ships, and begin again the work on freeing the corsairs. Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest our system cannot tolerate too many people. Their memories are short, for they have forgotten what USB already has done, what free men can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose. And so, to all the people who are reading this in their news, from the grandest cities, to the smallest villages, know that USB is a friend to every man, who seeks the future of freedom and democracy. Let it be said by our children's children, that when we were tested by sea creatures' attacks, when we were left without food, that we did not turn back, nor did we falter, and we carried forth that great gift of freedom be delivered, and safely to future generations.

Thank you. God Bless. - After that, everyone who was listening to this speech started clapping and swans started screaming, while Ithildan slowly went away. This speech was documented word by word and became achieved worldwide popularity, accidently gaining the unwanted attention of Sauron himself. But noone from all the United States was afraid of him; Andrast thought that Sauron should be afraid of him instead.

The Meneltarma Pact

The Meneltarma Pact is an agreement made by King of Gondor Margerion I and second in command of USB, Ithildan. The agreement prohibits both Gondor and USB from controlling the island of Numenor and it's surrounding waters (sea province). In case of the pact being broken - the side that broke it has to pay 200 000 silver coins. This agreement was made in late TA 2960.

First raid on Umbar

First attempt of freeing Umbar and bringing democracy there started in T.A. 2961. This raid was supposed to show the corsairs the taste of their own medicine and true value of democracy and freedom, while getting the money for Ithildan to finish the settlement of Umbaltimore at the same time. The raid included most of the ships of the USB alongside volunteers of the Free Folk, such as Gandalf, Thranduil, Radagast and prince of North Dunedain, Valandil. Ithildan's speech brought so much attention to Umbar, that even Sauron himself got scared and was forced to send Witchking, Khamul and Saruman alongside uruks of the white hand to the battle to ensure victory. The battle resulted in the glorious victory of United States of Belegaer. The nazguls and Saruman barely made it out alive and no ships on the side of USB were sunken. The region lost corsair influence for one year, obtained resources were many, covering war costs and resulting in finishing the construction of Umbaltimore.

NATO(Northern Arda Treaty Organisation)

After the first raid ended, ships, filled with goods, were sailing to the coast of Gondor, delivering nobles and istari of the free folks to safety. After that, in Tolmond, Andrast and Ithildan had a council once again and it resulted in Andrast sending finest post swans with letters to great kings of the Free Folks, such as king of North Dunedain, Aragorn, King of Woodland Realm, Thranduil, and a king of Gondor, as a representative of FFA council Margerion I, with an offer of an alliance. After they accepted it, United States of Belegaer were now officially allied with FFA, Woodland Realm and kingdom of North Dunedain.

Second raid on Umbar

Once NATO was formed and Umbaltimore was finished, Andrast and Ithildan decided to celebrate that, resulting in another raid on Umbar, which gave even more goods to the USB. Noticable members on the side of the USB are Andrast, Ithildan, Radagast, King Thranduil, King Ador, Emperor Margerion I, Basileus King Thalawestor I. On the side of Umbar fought Saruman, Khamul, Dwarr and Ji Indur alongside uruks of the white hand. This battle resulted in glorious victory of the USB.

Foundation of New Rhudexico

After finishing Umbaltimore and celebration of it, there was one problem. Island of Tolfalas was still de-jure gondorian. Ithildan came up with a brilliant idea on how to fix it. Since USB now had a lot of money, it was no problem for him to sponsor the construction of another settlement. This settlement was founded in an unnamed region, which Ithildan decided to name after captain Andrast. Ever since the region is called Andrast. The settlement itself is a stone port with a couple ships and boats in it, alongside living area and a church. After the settlement was founded, due to it being located in such a good spot, it quickly became a trade center and made a lot of money, making life there really good and the city itself rich. However, this was just a part of Ithildan's plan. Now, that all that was done, he decided to meet up with Emperor Margerion I. Ithildan sent a post swan, inviting emperor to the Island of Tolfalas, specifically port settlement of Tolmond. The letter said:

"Greetings, Emperor Margerion I. Im Sorry for bothering you in such a hard time, but I would like to meet up with you at the main building of settlement of Tolmond and discuss topics, important for both of us. Im going to wait for you in the main hall. -Sincerely, Ithildan, second in command of the USB"

Major settlements

gotta fill this in once im done building some

Crew of Andrast's ship

Full list of "Democracy bringer 1776"'s crew is unknown, however, here are some noticable members:

  1. Captain Andrast(DeadK4t)
  2. Second in command, Ithildan(NoraTIon)


Personal life

From his early days he enjoyed observing the ships that were sailing near his village, and dreamed about becoming a captain of one himself. He spent a lot of time in his local library, where he could be often found examining maps and maritime routes, learning the art of being a seafarer.

When he grew older, he joined the gondorian fleet and began to serve on various ships. He quickly showed himself as an excelent sailor, also a warrior, and soon was offered to become a captain himself.

Yet, on his first voyage as a captain, the black sails of the corsairs of Umbar appeared on the horizon, rapidly moving towards his ship. Soon, two ships clashed. In this battle he lost many comrades and friends of his, leaving a big mark on his soul. He sweared to never let this happen ever again.

From this moment, he started to notice how Gondor does almost absolutely nothing about the pirates and other brigands rampaging on their land, and how much of the common folk suffered from them. He, however, blew those thoughts away, making his best efforts to serve his country as good as he can.

After the invasion of Rohan by the uruks of Saruman, he once again remembered the days of past, something was on his mind... A few days after that he found Ithildan and saved him from dying on the seas. Crew of Andrast's ship taught Ithildan various things.

Bree crisis

It was a long journey for Andrast, surely. Many corsairs were slain, and many stolen goods were stole from the stealers. In the end Andrast finally stood on the ground of his homeland once again. When he was going through the marketplace, he decided to listen to what the crowd were saying, after all, he and his crew were isolated from the rest of the world for quite some time now, and some local news wouldn't hurt. However, he could never imagine what he could possibly hear, as he found out about the establishment of the Bree commune. His eyes filled red, he shouted - "THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN THESE GOD DAMN CORSAIRS, HELL, SAURON EVEN! THESE (uh, commu-what? how were they again?) COMMIES ARE GOING TO RUIN OUR FREEDOM, OUR DEMOCRACY!" With that, he decided hurry up north, to help his fellow dunedain fight off the red plague before it spreads anywhere else. Andrast, on his way to free the citizens of Bree, finally crossed the Mirkwood forest, founding himself somewhere in Dale. He ran to a local, asking him if he has finally reached his destination. After hearing the response, his only words were - "Shit." Turns out, Andrast is terrible at geography of anything except for Gondor and the surrouding waters. It seems that it will take him some time before he finally reaches Bree.

"I never thought that Bree would be so exotic" - said Andrast while entering the city of Meerdieberge, somewhere in the lands of far Harad

Foundation of USB

TA 2958, Tolmond, Tolfalas

"HRAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" - Andrast shouted as he ran onto the stage. Suddenly, he got serious - "We've finally done it, my fellow dunedain. Thanks to all of you, the port of Tolfalas hAS BEEN RESTORED TO IT'S GLOORYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!And yet, this isn't the end, we will go even further. These damn corsairs and other confederate scum will stand no chance against our glorious navy, it hasn't been as great as it is now as long as i remember. And now, yes, we are sure are happy to proclaim the formation, uh, foundation of the "United States of Belegaer", our own great union of free and completely democratic self sustained ports allllll around the Belegaer. I am already responsible for being a captain, so, i suppose, i can also take on the role of being a president of that said union, eh? I'll soon let you know about the directions we're heading, so stay tuned, partners, god be with you!" - as he said, something exploded in the background, and swans start screaming.

Interesting facts:

  • Andrast has a region named after him.
  • Andrast is a captain of the strongest navy since the times of Numenor.
  • Andrast had a staring competetion with a sun and won.
  • Sauron is afraid of him.
  • Future father of Chuck Norris.
  • Andrast brings purpose to life.
  • One time Andrast got bored and single handedly destroyed 13 000 corsair ships using only his bare fists.
  • Andrast is always high on democracy spirit.
  • Andrast has a lot of muscles.
  • Invented democracy.
  • One time Andrast came to Barad-dur and ordered lembas for food. They served it to him.
  • After trying lembas for the first time, Andrast threw up. Ever since that body of water is called elven portal.
  • One time Andrast forgot to put on a hat. Ever since that time of the year is called summer.
  • Andrast managed to kill 1776 corsairs with just one arrow. Then he shot that arrow and killed 1865 more corsairs.
  • Andrast was once bit by a snake. After a week of non-stopping pain, the snake died.
  • If Andrast will wear The One Ring, Sauron himself will bow before his new lord.
  • Andrast was supposed to die during birth. Death is still afraid to tell that to him.

There are many more interesting facts about Andrast, but the full list is infinitely large and wouldnt fit on this page.

Relationship with kingdoms

FFA and it's allies

FFA is an ally. Homeland of Andrast, Gondor, is part of FFA and thus, people from USB are free to fight for it.

The Hosts of Sauron

The HOS, consisting of Mordor, Isengard and Rhudel are enemies, they are mortal enemies of homeland of Andrast, Gondor. They do unspeakable things to folks of Dunland, Rohan and Gondor. Those from USB who fight for it will be burned alive in a barrel full of oil or boiled to death.


Corsairs of Umbar are enemies of Andrast's homeland, Gondor. They pillage, burn, destroy coasts of Gondor. Those from USB who fight for it will be thrown out in the sea the moment they come back to Andrast's ship never to be seen again. Stripes on flag of USB symbolise amount of thousands of corsair ships destroyed by Andrast single-handedly using only his fists.

Any other kingdom

All orcs and other servants of Sauron are enemies, even worse enemies than god-damn communists of Bree. Those from USB who fight for them will be thrown in the cave of Cirith Ungol, never to be seen again.

Any other non-mention kingdom is neutral with USB.

Known songs

Even tho there arent many songs in USB, there are still some.

Its the dream that we all share

USB, fuck yeah!

Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah

USB, fuck Yeah!

Freedom is the only way, yeah

Corsairs, your game is through

'Cause now you have ta answer to

USB, fuck yeah!

So lick my butt and suck on my balls

USB, fuck yeah!

Whatcha' gonna do when we come for you now