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Umbar. Shining jewel of the south, haven of the Numenoreans, great citadel of Gondor's foes. A prosperous and highly wealthy city, the haven of Umbar has expanded her hegemony over all the Firth and beyond. Rich beyond measure, trade from all corners of Arda has allowed it to prosper beyond even the Gondorian ports' wildest dreams...its people know no poverty, its lords no limit.

Umbar was established in the second age by Numenorean settlers and colonists, and soon grew wealthy and powerful - the mightiest of the Numenorean colonies, to say the least. As it grew, it captured more and more lands around the firth, establishing border forts and founding new towns on the eastern march regions. Towards the end of the second age, Umbar sided with the King's men under Ar-Pharazon against the Elendili, and served as the landing point of the great host of Numenor that utterly destroyed the forces of Sauron. When Numenor fell a few years afterward, Umbar was left alone, standing in a sea of enemies and vengeful tribesmen.

Over the years of the Third Age, Umbar continued to grow stronger and stronger, establishing its dominance in the south. However, there was a catch - the numenorean elite ruled as oligarchs, ignoring the plight of the destitute natives and southron tribal immigrants. In a bid to prevent a popular uprising, the oligarchy decided to found a naval wing separate from the already existent Royal Umbarim Navy: The Corsairs of Umbar. Comprised of native tribesmen and dock workers, the Corsairs became known to all the enemies of Umbar, raiding the coastlines of Gondor with impunity. A genius move it was, in retrospect, for the oligarchs to execute - to destroy internal strife and expand the city's already mighty naval arm...a stroke of utter genius it was.

After a few centuries, however, the Corsairs were repelled by the Gondorian forces close to pellenor. As the Gondorians achieved victory, a second contingency fleet of Corsairs were poised to raid the coast. Seeing the Gondorians destroy the first fleet, they felt discouraged to raid the coast of Gondor at risk of being defeated by a larger Gondorian naval armada. Thus, Admiral Azrazin developed a new plan - to take Umbar proper, launch a coup and take the city from within and without! They would be kings...

And that they did. On the turn of the fourth age, the preparations made ready. Red sails were spotted on the horizon, seen all the way from Umbar's mighty seawalls. After a lengthy siege, the unpopular oligarchs were overthrown, and a native haradric corsair government developed - a Kingdom of Umbar, separate from the savage southrons to their east and south, economically and politically wealthy. The corsairs pushed for aggressive expansion by land and sea, capturing more lands by the coast and pushing the coastling tribes out of the eastern frontier. Wealth was distributed more evenly amongst the citizens of Umbar, with the natives recieving fair representation. All looked well for the fledgeling Kingdom of Umbar, and it remained so for 200 years.

Faction Rulers:[]

King Mithildin Numedhel (TheBetaOwl) From 1 sept 2020 - Present (post server reset)

Ranks and professions[]

Military Ranks:[]

The King: The king is the leader of all of Umbar. Every other citizen or highly ranked individual has to report everything back to the king. The king can allow or deny anyone to be any of the following ranks in this list. Current king: King Mithildin Numedhel.

Admiral or general: These people are chosen by the king for their qualities in wars and their support the the kingdom above and beyond the their required tasks. Admirals or Generals are Second in command to the king. all following ranks should abide their commands !

Lord: A lord is an individual chosen by the king to rule over one of Umbars regions. (For example: The shipwreck coasts (province Unknown yet)). A lord should reside in a castle or city depending on which region he will be ruling over, this castle will be build and given to them by the King. Lords should report everything they know back to the king on one of the ''advisor days".

Each lord can in their turn assign governors to maintain the provinces in is region.

For more requirements check the Umbar discord.

Governor: A governor is someone that governs an assigned province within their preferred region. For example: Province 329 is the province "The Shipwreck coasts" is the region. Each governor can in their turn recruit and assign soldiers or captains to castles and settlements within their province, these castles can be made by the governors themselves or by the lord or high command of Umbar.

A governor is supposed to report back to his lord of everything he does or wants to do so that it can be written down in the journals. Governors themselves should reside in a castle, these will be build for them or they can build them themselves.

For more requirements check the Umbar discord.

Rest coming soon

Player expectations & citizenship.[]

How to become a citizen:[]

Every new player is required to join the Umbar discord, there we will post all important announcements you need to know.

Furthermore, every player must of course join Umbar and be Human. (by server rules other races are not allowed). You're also expected to help other players in Umbar both new and old. Every new player will be in a "Testing phase" the first 2 weeks of him/her joining Umbar. During this phase the high command will determine if you can be trusted or not. You will be given armor, weapons and food and later after your 2 week phase you'll get offered a house in one of the cities.

We also expect every player to contribute to the nation by gathering resources for the building of cities or the expansion of the Kingdom. These resources can be seen as some sort of taxation. Every player will need to give 30% of his/hers gathered resources to the kingdom during his first 2 weeks of joining, at the end of those 2 weeks. After that it get's lowered to 15% per 2 irl weeks. Failing to do so will be punishable by banishment from the Kingdom ! (you just need to give 30/15% of 1 strategic resource for example: Iron)

In return for these services every player is welcome in the Kingdom warehouse where he/she can take resources whenever he/she needs. But think of the other players and be thoughtful of how much you take.

Rules & Laws[]

General Rules:[]

1.1 Griefing is not allowed under any circumstance, this also means looting other Umbar players their chests is illegal ! Punishment: depends on the severity of the crime, this will be discussed in court on the discord.)

1.2 The killing of Umbar or allied players is NOT allowed unless they agreed to a friendly pvp match ! Punishment: depends on the severity of the crime, this will be discussed in court on the discord.)

1.3 Upon ending in court to be punished every player has the right to choose 2 witnesses to defend them, these witnesses are immune to punishment if they are caught lying in court.

1.4 Freedom of speech is allowed, but beware there's no freedom of consequences ! (server rules still need to be followed)

1.5 Everything you take from one of the warehouses needs to be written in either discord or the book located at the entrance of the warehouse.

1.6 impersonating a high command member or one ranked higher then you is NOT allowed ! Punishment: depends on the severity of the crime, this will be discussed in court on the discord.)

Trade Rules:[]

2.1 Breaking a trade agreement in the forms of scam is NOT allowed ! Punishment: depends on the severity of the crime, this will be discussed in court on the discord.) When this is a server-wide infringement on the rules you'll be punished by server staff.

2.2 Trading with enemies of the Faction is NOT allowed, this is because you are basically helping them in their fight against us. Punishment: depends on the severity of the crime, this will be discussed in court on the discord.)


Cities / Infrastructure[]

Name Structure ? Location Backstory
An-Azor City South Umbar An-Azor is a wealthy city located in the Southern parts of Umbar and protected by An-Khorumor.

This is the city where Mithildin settled in after his departure from Gondor, and where he was

named King of Umbar by the Many people he saved throughout the country.

Barshkut Village South Umbar Barshkut is a prosperous Farm village located not far from An-Azor. This village is the cities

number 1 source of food and materials. Next to it is also the graveyard where many

soldiers are buried.

An-Phoruzor Village North Umbar An-Phoruzor is a prosperous and wealthy village in Northern Umbar because of it's location,

this village is located next to the great road connecting all major cities to each other.

It's also one of the biggest farm villages providing food and materials for cities and castles

In the Northern parts of Umbar.

An-Bragorus Port City North-west Umbar An-Bragorus is one of the biggest cities in Umbar, it's located right next to the sea surrounded

by beautiful mountains. this city houses 50% of Umbar's Royal navy, making it one of the

most powerful cities in Middle-earth.

Provinces & Location:[]

Umbar is south of Gondor, bordering the Kingdom of Harad. They are able to expand in almost any direction and overseas.