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! This faction, which once was part of our server, no longer exist. Only the stories remain about it.

Motive: No longer players.



The Ulmo Corsairs were a Pirate Clan formed by Ganondorfio and OmegaPerseus. The Ulmo's Corsairs actually owned a bunch of forts in the coasts of the western sea. One in Enedwaith, one in Western Gondorian Coast and one in Umbar. It's also known that their capital was set in a remoted island of the Western Sea.

Treasure of Ganondorfio[]

The Ulmo's Corsairs are renown for the mytical treasure of Ganondorfio. It's says that the Pirate leader, before leaving his community, hidden an huge treasure in an island. It's said that the treasure it's composed by more than 500.000 coins, tons of metals (gold, mithril, iron), and weapons collected by Ganondorfio in his years of activity.