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Trolls were large monsters of limited intellect. They were strong and vicious, but could not endure sunlight.

There are many kinds of trolls in Middle Earth that you can pick from.

Kinds of Trolls:

  • Cave-trolls
  • Hill-trolls
  • Mountain-trolls
  • Olog-hai
  • Snow-trolls
  • Stone-trolls
  • Half-trolls


  1. A race of monstrous Trolls that served Sauron and were found in caverns and dark places, were the Cave-trolls.
  2. The cave-trolls of Moria were of huge size with a skin of dark green scales, and flat, toeless feet.


  1. Hill-trolls were a variety of troll adapted for life among hills and moorland.
  2. In appearance they were man-like, but larger, and seem to have been covered with hard scales.
  3. They were fearsome and vicious, bellowing like beasts as they stormed into battle, and beating their enemies down with great hammers.
  4. They are usually nine to twelve feet tall.


  1. Mountain-trolls were used by Sauron to wield the great battering-ram, Grond, at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
  2. Mentioned only once in the written records of Arda, nothing else is known of these creatures.
  3. One can only assume that this breed of troll lived in some of the mountains of Middle-earth, and that they were larger than the hill-trolls.


  1. The Olog-hai were a fierce race of Trolls.
  2. They only spoke Sauron's Black Speech, and it is possible they only existed because Sauron's evil will empowered them.
  3. The Olog-hai had none of the old Troll vulnerabilities: they were very intelligent and able to endure the Sun.
  4. The Olog-hai that fought in the War were described as being taller than a man, and covered in horny scales, carrying hammers and bucklers in their claws.


  1. Snow-trolls were probably a kind of troll, living in an environment of snow and ice.
  2. Snow Trolls are large (10-12 ft tall), grey-white and rare creatures, who prey the northern regions of Middle-earth.
  3. During the Long Winter of T.A. 2758 and 2759 that lay upon the fields of Rohan, Helm Hammerhand clad himself in white and stalked the camps of the Dunlendings "like a snow-troll", and killed many with (seemingly) his bare hands. It remained a legend in Dunland, striking fear and hatred into any who heard it.


  1. Stone-trolls were a race of trolls in the service of Sauron.
  2. Not much is known of these creatures, except that they inhabited the Westlands of Middle-earth and that they spoke a "debased form of the Common Speech".
  3. It is possible that they were not actually living beings, but mere counterfeits made by Melkor, and they would return to their stone images once exposed to the light of the Sun.


  1. Half-trolls was a term used to describe the Men of Far Harad that came to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
  2. They were black skinned with white eyes and red tongues.