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Oldest trace of Ganondorfio's presence in TheFourthAge server is a screenshot (May 2016) of the entrance of Dain's Hall, back then under the protection of riccardicus.

The first faction he joined was Rohan, under the King Tuonobotto, but he didn't live in Rohan from the beginning. First he tried to start a mine in Misty Mountains, the door of which was signaled by two pear trees. Killed by an orc without knowing the magic of /back, he tried to find his mine looking for pears. Chased by orcs during the night, acult apPeared to help this stupid player who was looking for pears on the top of misty mountains, and Sauron himself filled Ganondorfio's inventory with stacks of pears (those pears were still in inventory in the dain's hall screenshot).

Ganondorfio then tried doing something in his biome, that in those days wasn't a safe land due to the attacks of the Terrorist King of Banditistan (Dunland), Onerves. So he started travelling in the Middle Earth, taking as first home a baobab in Far Harad, that evolved in the Baobab-fortress.

The King of Rohan called him back to Rohan, so Ganondorfio sold the baobab-fortress to DragonMaster and took a Rohan fortress as his house, but he continued travelling, making bases in Red Mountains, in the Northern Frozen Sea (the super-secret-island-that everyone-know), in Nan Ungol (a lemon farm in a spider pit), in the jungle (Mini-tirith) ecc. The last house was built in Sicily, where he mastered herbalism skills and where his cat Lamafia kept the Fake Fourth Silmaril.

Meanwhile, he has been chosen to be helper, then mod, admin and op. He built Nogrod, Carn dum, Bag End, Weathertop, and helped in other place like Moria and Gundabad. Many things changed in the server, and after the death of the King of Rohan, Ganondorfio the Rohirrim disappeared. Another Ganondorfio, with the cat Lamafia, with a house similar to the sicilian one, appeared in Dorwinion, and he was not a man, but a drunk elf.

One day an oddment collector sold the corpse of Mandos the Vala to Lamafia, that revived him with the Silmaril and killed Ganondorfio (and obviously the oddment collector). Reason: a Vala is a better slave than a drunkard.

After the Middle Earth was hit by a map reset, all the old houses of Ganondorfio disappeared, the cat Lamafia got lost, Mandos remember his role in Valinor, and quickly left Middle Earth without letting anyone know. The fake name of Ganondorfio given to him by Lamafia passed to the elf that brought him through the Sea. At the end of the travel, in Valinor, this new Ganondorfio met also Ulmo and other Valar, who remembered him that the elves should return to the West. The Maia Salmar Lirillo lend him his name and brought him to Tol Qursan-e Valar, "the island of the corsairs of the Valar", from which Ganondorfio must travel to the elven kingdoms and help them sailing to Aman. So he became a pirate in the sight of the Middle Earth kingdoms, depending only from the West.

He still visit frequently Far Harad, where he punch or tame animals. He also got a degree in Haradric Languages, studying in O'harad university of Umbar.

One day he stole some cakes from a hobbit child, and the Valar were informed of the fact. So they came to know that Ganondorfio was not working at all as they asked him, looking for elves to bring them back beyond the Sea. So he was condemned and executed in Tol Eressea, but before death he said his last words: "My treasure? It's right where i left it, with no claim. It's yours if you can find it. But you'll have to search the whole world!". It is said that his ghost gave some hints about the position: it's on an island visible to everyone inside a province, above sea level and not hidden in caves. His forts were taken by other people of different kingdoms after his death, and the island Tol Qursan-e Valar was eventually found by MainTeemoTank.

Elves are not given the Gift of Death like humans, but even Mandos refused to welcome in his halls the soul of the one who disobeyed the orders of the Valar. Thus it wandered into the west, searching for Valinor's coasts, but the road was closed for him. He finally found a land, that was the Eastern coast of Rhun. So he realized the Pacman effect really exists. The most surprising thing was that in Rhun, the evil cat thought to be vanished at the end of Mandos period together with his Fourth Silmaril, was not lost but rather ran away from the Vala establishing a new fort in the East. Salmar's Ghost obtained a new life with the power of Silmaril, like the corpse of Mandos previously did, took a new Elvish name, Toldohùmë (a tribute to the greatest pirate of the past, with a crew of 8000 men) and served Lamafia. The Valar were informed by an evil Oddment collector (They spawn in Valinor too) of the abuse of Silmaril power to revive people (resistance 50, stronger than Death), so they put a curse on the object, the Vanilla curse that prevents anyone from touching again that magical artifact or even collecting the drop, that is now kept in a secret hopper hidden under the chickens' tower next to the entrance of the fort, and nobody knows where it is. Lamafia is now filling the fort with his kittens to prevent the extintion of his lineage, that was protected by the Silmaril.

Salmar failed his mission to bring the elves to the Blessed Land, now he has to see the wisdom of the Valar: remaining in Middle-Earth, Galadhrim ended up becoming evil monster that pollute the air or Lothlorien with their alignments. Now the region is called LoatheLorien. The corruption spread between elves. The bandits of Dunland make new allies, the Morwaith and Taurethrim think they're friend. The access to Internet abolished the factions' areas of influence. A Ruffian Brute is following me. Birds are multiplying to steal my crops and fruits. Evil everywhere.