Ancar Network Wiki


The purpose of this page is to inform players of some features on the server and how to use them.

Generic Information

  • When you register for the first time; do /reg [password] to register & succesfully register your account to the Ancar Network. Your password can be anything you want - it doesn't have to be your account's password - so long as you remember it.
  • Do /lg [password] to log into the server.
  • To choose a race & faction type in the chat /cr & right-click on the sign of the specific faction you'd like to join.
  • To join the ancar discord type in the chat do /discord

Leveling System/Race

The server currently has a leveling system which gives you more hp the higher the level you are. To get XP you must mine coal & lapis, or smelt things in a vanilla furnace, or kill mobs.

The level cap is 30; at level 30, players have 40hp (20 hearts). The leveling system is linked to your race, and changing it will reset your level. Since being an Elf in a Dwarven faction is not allowed you are obligated to reset your class; to do so you should type in /class reset confirm to reset it. Note: resetting your race will not give you your levels back, so you have to start all over again from level 1 when changing race.


The server has McMMO, a plugin that allows players to get better at things by doing it. For example the more you fight with just your fists, the stronger your fists get (ie. you can do more damage with your fists). If you run the /mcstats command then you can see all McMMO categories and your XP.

To find more info on a specific skill do /[nameofskillhere]; for example /unarmed. This will show your current level for your skill and the amount of XP you have and the amount of XP that you need to get to the next level, as well as telling you what you have to do to get more XP.

It also shows the skills effects, and your stats. By getting your skills to high levels, it can increase your strength in PvP, or efficiency while building or destroying blocks. For example if you level up your axes skills you do bonus damage (extra critical hits) when using an axe, or if you level up your woodcutting skills then you can use tree feller (tree feller allows you to break the bottom of trees and the entire tree will break). In short, by leveling up these skills it can make your life easier and benefit you in various ways.

All of the McMMO perks have been capped to a maximum of level 500. Higher than that cannot be obtained.

Staff & Veterans

There are always staff members & veteran players who can help you, teach you the history of Ancar and other Tips & Tricks which can help you greatly with your adventures on the server Ancar Network. Do not be surprised some won't share their thoughts as some tips & tricks may be better if kept a secret. Most veteran players will share their tips & tricks if you've been loyal to them or the kingdom their in.