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The third war for Adornland was the last effort of Isengard to reclaim the lost region of Adornland. Even if the forces of Gondor and Rohan won, the casualties were so high that only years later they attempted to invade Isengard.

The first battle[]

The first battle was a serie of skirmishes, that caused disorder in the Gondorian side. Hexnetor ordered a general retreat and they rallied in a small fortification, No major losses were taken on both sides.

The second battle[]

Maglor and Legolas joined with their retinues the forces of Hexnetor. At first it opened with a skirmish, but then, trying to break the encirclement, king Hexnetor ordered a charge.

The charge was unsuccesful. King Hexnetor, Prince Falan and a gondorian captain were badly injured and driven out from the battlefield, their forces melted away. King Maglor took the command of the remains of the army and orderly retreated.

Seeing an opening in the host of the orcs, Maglor struck thrice, killing three thousand orcs, injuring the Witchking and killing two orc commanders. Eventually, Sauron regained the upper hand and five thousand gondorians were slaughtered in the retreat.

Maglor, Legolas and Fengel, the last survivors, desperately fought a lost battle, until, in the chaos of the fight, Legolas defeated the nazgul that was leading the left wing of the orcs, killing and scattering a third of the army. Maglor charged at the center of the enemy line, driving the enemies away, injuring Saruman, while Fengel held the forces of Sauron.

The battle finished at the top of the fort, where an orc commander, left with the rearguard of the orcish army, dueled with Fengel, while Legolas and Maglor engaged Sauron. They defeated him and won the day.