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Not really a battle[]

Since the usurpers disappeared, King Frerin and the forces of the Elves and Gondor decided to use this as an occasion to train their forces. Maglor, Legolas, an elven commander and the Istar Radagast fought as defenders against the bulk of the Gondorian army, with some Dwarves and North Dunedains

The battle[]

King Maglor, an experienced military engineer, overseed the construction of the defenses of the bridge. The attackers were funnelled into a tunnel leading to the bridge. King Legolas charged as a spearhead of the forces and defeated at least four of the captains. After some hours, the attackers tried to assault the fort but they were repelled. Almost forgetting it was a training, Maglor charged, but was stopped by King Frerin, his close friend, who shouted him to hold.