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Great dwarven colony in the White Mountains, founded by Whitebeard brothers. To dwarves who knelt before the king of Gondor and promised him their services were given land around Ras Morthil massive, where they think they are going to fill their treasure rooms sooner than in their old homeland. Currently in the process of building their Capital City.

Foundation, as it is mentioned in White Book of Whitebeards:[]

You are holding in your hands the White book, a book written by the Whitebeards brothers in order to document the establishment and life of the Southern Colony.

As we, the Durin's folk, begin to thrive in the fifth age both in numbers and power, for some of the dwarves, their old mines started to seem a little overcrowded. Grey and Iron Mountains were under full davy control, offering only limited possibilities of finding new, undiscovered deposits and arteries. If young dwarves wanted to get equal to their fathers in gold, gems, and overall wealth, they had to search long and hard. Still, though, chances were small. Who would be surprised? We have been mining there for nearly three ages.

More and more dwarves decided to try their luck in the Misty Mountains. Only if that wasn't a tough business. North Misty Mountains are still full of orcs, uruks, spiders, and other dangerous things waiting for inexperienced, young prospectors. Even with successful battles against Gundabad in recent years, retaking this part of the world will be surely long and difficult.

Just area near Khazad-Dûm is safe enough to establish new caverns and forges, although no one knows, what shadows could still lurk down, deep between the roots of this old mountain range. In these areas, caution should come first.

Other options were just the Blue Mountains, also already well explored, and the Red Mountains, far east, with limited trade opportunities.

Until recently.

As I, Radur, traveled as a wandering blacksmith across the Rohan to get experiences, stoping in villages where work for me could be found. Slowly and steadily my path led me towards the White Mountains until I finally reached the gates of Glittering Caves. Thrilled about this immersive beauty, I wondered why surrounding mountains are so sparsely populated.

When my time on the road ended and I finally returned home to Iron Hills, I couldn't stop thinking about empty mountains and the beauty of white stone down south. I announced his desires to my brothers, and we agreed to travel there together.  

Our travel was long and exhaustive but it bore fruit. After more than a month of crawling through the mountains south of Glittering Caves, we saw the last arm of the white mountains. Me, the first to look at the southern rock face of this massif, shouted aloud: there, there, brothers!

After announcing our intention at home, many young dwarves joined our cause and went south to build a whole new dwarven colony, the White Colony.

Vassals of Gondor[]

Arrival of newcomers to land although more or less empty, but not without neighbors, aroused uproar in Gondor. King of Gondor, Anardil III Númerión, considered this part of the world under his rule, wasn't very pleased with reports from his scouts, that some group of small, beardy men came to his land and started building a city, totally without basic courtesy to introduce themselves, let alone ask for permission to do so.

However, he was a wise man, knowing that the best enemy is a non-existent enemy, whether non-existent for any reason.

He sent a message to the Whitebeard brothers, choosing a very diplomatic tone, for he knows, how easily can be dwarf offended:

My dwarven, unfortunately, I have to inform you about, I hope, an unintended violation of the laws of the land you came to settle. But as if I am a man of honor, I am a man of forgiveness and understanding. Come as guests to ma palace, and I am sure we will find a common word. I assure you safety with my word, and you surely know the weight of my word.  

Brothers accepted his invitation, knowing his reputation and legitimacy of his words. In the palace, a great feast was held to celebrate their arrival, so big that it would please the pride of any dwarf. After an excellent boar and great beer, competing even with those from Iron Mountains, and a pipe of Old Toby, dwarfs were so carried away by the welcome and attention from the king itself, they even began to apologize and offer their services. The King smiled and said:

My friends, all is forgiven. What's more, I allow you, as my vassals, to manage the piece of land you have chosen as your new home.

The dwarves thanked him for such an offer, their pride and self-esteem so dulled.

The king was extremely pleased. Today he gained many hardworking people under his rule and secured his southeast borders. The only cost was eight wild boars and ten kegs of beer.

The dwarfs, after they came back to Tale, announced their great deal, and praised the King, but often they encountered misunderstanding.

We didn't come here to work for some else! Some said.

We wanted freedom! Said others.

Some even went home. But the majority remained.

List of builds:[]

Tale - Small village in Ras Morthil region, known for its white stone quarry

Karadak - Dwarven cavern used as headquarters for dwarfs working in mines north from Khazarak

Construction of Khazarak (WIP name - it may change)[]

Future capitol of White Colony located on foot of Ras Morthil massive.

Status: unfunctional[]

Main Gate - Nearly done

Main street - needs just minor improvements done

Forge - done

Farm district - needs just minor improvements

Office district (player houses) - nearly done

Houses - done

dining hall - nearly done

Bank of White Mountains - only exterior

Barracks + White Mountains High Command/Ministry of Defense - exteriors only

Town Hall - done

Prison - done

Coming soonTM :



Treassure room





future bridge over future river just outside main gate



and probably some other stuff, but there is no point mentioning it here,because we've come up with so much we won't finish it anyway.