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The Order Of Forest Queen:[]

The clergy of Forest Queen included clerics, druids rangers and elves . The major population of The Kingdom of Artheloth believes Forest Queen, Yavanna. But their king, Siegfried is a half dwarf and he can't ignore his past and his race. Once a month, clerics, druids and some of elves pray to Forest Queen, Yavanna, in The Song Tree. The order of Forest Queen was a small society healers who brought solace to injured people, animals and plants. They sought to advance the regrowth of ancient forests reduced by civilization, and to halt the endless assault of civilization on their ancient homeland, Eriador. They pray to Forest Queen (Yavanna) in houses called 'House of Nature'. The Song Tree is in 'Grove of The Ancients'.

Yavanna by jankolas-d9579ca

Ranks in Order :[]

  • Defender of Forests (Leader of the cult) ( Gancelot )
  • Chieftain of Druids ( Konahrik )
  • Bowman of Forests ( A leader that represents Rangers in cult) ( Forlec Wolfswift )
  • Druids ( DagAukrust ) (x)
  • Clerics ( Valandil ) (x1)
  • Ranger of Forests ( Tachanka / Kiko / Eol )

Notable Worshippers : []

  • Forlec Wolfswift
  • Tachanka ( Young Ranger )
  • Gancelot ( The Wood Elven King )
  • Kiko
  • Konahrik ( The Elder Ranger )
  • Eol ( Ancient wanderer elf from Mirkwood )
  • DagAukrust
  • Valandil
    400px-Elf ranger