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Not much is known about the creation of the empire, but it is certain that the empire had foundations and strong ties created because of the fallen empire called the White Order.

After the First Dwarf Civil War in the fifth age, then Uzbad Moradin, strengthened the ties between the northern factions, uniting the main factions under the same banner.

The empire was initially consolidated with only 3 factions, Durins Folk, Rivendell and Woodland Realm, but in its first days it saw Arnor joining the Empire.

Council of Kings[]

Despite being ruled by an emperor, the empire has a council of kings and advisers that help it make certain decisions, a new king is not directly linked to the council as the council is based on trust a new king can spend time outside the council of kings.

The current council consists of:

Structure and Laws[]

Empire Structure[]

Administration Section: Decentralized, Allies, Enemies and Wars are decided separately by each faction in the Empire. Each faction is considered a separated entity within the Empire, no faction prevails above the others.

Ruler Section: Non-Elected Emperor, One Emperor, with full decisional powers.

Volunteers Section: Disallow Volunteering, The members of the Empire cannot volunteer against their own empire or allies of the empire.

Rules and Laws[]

1- On colonization and territory expansion

1.1 - All factions in the empire must respect each other's Mainland, if a faction breaks this rule it is liable to lose a certain territory;Expextions can be made if all sides agree

1.2 - Mainland of factions outside the empire must be discussed before colonization or war of conquest, if a faction breaks this rule it is liable to lose a certain territory;

1.3 - Colonization of neutral territories not considered Mainland are allowed as long as they do not break any treaty of the empire, if a faction breaks this rule it is liable to lose a certain territory.

2- About wars and raids

2.1 - Only kings can declare war, and any declaration of war must be previously discussed between the council;

2.2 - Wars against factions within the empire are always prohibited, the faction that breaks these rules will automatically agree to surrender in the act of declaring war; (Note: this rule is not valid in training wars or civil war)

2.3 - Any raid against an ally is completely illegal, and can have several consequences for the raider, such consequences are variable according to the infraction;

2.4 - Its illegal to raid Empire members or its allies.

2.5 - It is the player's option to return or not to return the Loot won in wars or Raids as long as there is no agreement that requires him to return such items. (Note: Bounds must always be returned, breaking these rules means punishments by the general rule of the server in addition to punishments within the empire)

3- On factions entering or leaving the empire and civil war

3.1 - A faction that joins the empire must agree to all laws written here;

3.2 - A faction leaving the empire is only possible through an agreement with the emperor or civil war;exeptions can exist if there was a deal with member

3.3 - Factions cant leave the empire without emperor's permission;

3.4 - (Rule suppressed by staff team)

3.5 - In times of war and or betrayal, the council may decide to close all faction relations within the empire, automatically ending all his alliances, treaties and participation in a determinate war;

4- On commercial independence and war treaties

4.1 - Each faction is free to make its own market treaties and alliances, but note that these treaties and alliances will never be a priority over the empire's treaties;

4.2 - Each faction's business model and leadership model is its own faction responsibility.

5- On uniforms and war garments

5.1 - The use of Galvorn and Gondolinian Armor is restricted to Elven kings, any elf must wear the standard armor of his own faction;

5.2 - The use of Gold Trimmed and Mithril Trimmed Armor is restricted to Dwarf kings and lords, any Dwarf must wear the standard armor of their faction;

5.3 - The use of Arnorian Armor and variants of Gondorian Armor is restricted to the king and lords of Arnor, the other Arnorian players must wear standard Gondor armor;

5.4 - Using marks(Shields..) associated with the enemies of the empire is forbidden.

5.5 - The king of each faction may decide to make a special battalion with a personalized uniform, provided that the uniform does not break any rules of the empire or the server.

6- About general rules and exceptions to the rule

6.1 - Every player must maintain respect with everyone on the server, whether friend or enemies;

6.2 - The empire look for freedom, so punishments and vetoes will only be applied in extreme cases;

6.3 - It is the emperor's responsibility to keep these rules up to date and to add new rules if necessary;

6.4 - Any disagreement or breach in the rules must be clarified with the emperor;

6.5 - Whenever a player is caught for breaking a server rule he will be subject to punishment within the empire;

6.6 - It is not recommended to try to find loopholes in the rules, note that they are written with a purpose, and should be read and interpreted correctly, if the player has any doubts, he should scald it with the emperor.

VA 164. Revision[]

The year VA 164. marked the year of revision within the old Northern Pact empire. These changes mostly consisted of a real rulebook and gave more power to the council. Other changes include the addition of a new banner adopted from an old Arnorian concept. The name of the empire changed as well to The Northern Kingdoms.

Rule Revisions[]

Once the rules are published revisions will be updated here.


As mentioned before the banner of The Northern got changed and adopted from an old Arnorian concept. The banner features a spinning sun which represents the endless circle of birth and death. It also includes knots as decoration and lines interloping in an 8 shape symbolizing infinity. This has much to do with the many reforms, destructions and recreations of the Arnorian kingdoms of old.


Banner of The Northern Kingdoms