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Casus Belli[]

It all started around September 2017, when Dunland and Isengard had Plans to attack Rohan and to siege Helm's Deep; the Beacons were lit and Hexnethor (Hexperim), King of the southern Dúnedain Kingdom of Gondor gave the Order to prepare an Assault on Dunland, to drive them out One by One from the Lands of Rohan, and so Dunland and Isengard's Players have been pushed back by Gondor's Legions. One Day, Anatar the Red was in his Tower which lied on the Island Tolfalas which was under Gondor's Control. Suddenly, 2.000 (2 Players) troops of Dunland and Isengard have been attacked inside their Base, even tho they had to move once allready so they are not constantly attacked by Gondor.

Anatar had none of it, so he tried to get them out by teleporting them to his Tower, yet once they arrived, the supreme General of Gondor, Numendil (custode99) appeared nearby too and so it came to a Conflict. Numendil told Anatar to get them off of Tolfalas, but Anatar said he will send them off, once Gondor's Task-Force is out of their Base, which lead to the King of Gondor coming with his small Company of Tower Guards to Anatar's Tower which was now encircled. It came to a few Exchanges of Insults, but to no Battle, for Fili (MarsonX) has managed to talk to Hexnethor (Hexperim) and it came to a Ceasefire, but with Anatar bannished from Tolfalas. Anatar didn't really listen to that and continued to come a few Times, mostly to collect his Items which were there.

Soon after, one of his Friends in Gondor, Reomir (Roel2005), was kicked from Gondor for being allied to Anatar and so he joined Durin's Folk, yet he still had a Fortress in Pelargir which was later attacked by Amandil (Bolg), the high General of Lebennin.

The War[]

Not long after the attack led by Amandil, the official Declaration of War has been delivered and Gondor gathered their Allies, while Durin's Folk has made new Bonds. The Goal was to take Azanulimbar-Dûm, the Capital of the Iron Hills and a Home and Seat of Power of Anatar (and give it to the Blue Mountains).

Battle of Crowsfield (1st)[]

The two Sides met North-West from West Peak in Iron Hills, where Gondor got an .... Read More

Battle of Azanulimbar-Dûm or Battle of the Hill (2nd)[]

A Week or 2 later, on the 8.12.17, a sudden Information has arrived, that a... Read More