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The Empire was initially conceived by Moradin (MainTeemoTank) in 136 VA, when he attained the throne of Durin's Folk and achieved independence from the faction.

A year after Durin's Folk's total independence, Avon (Squidtank4) ascended the Blue Throne and agreed to join the Blue Dwarves to the idea of uniting all Dwarven factions under one banner for the first time; two years later Tranun Blacklock (Tranun) ascended the throne of the Red Dwarves embracing the ideal and completing the goal of a great dwarven empire.

Conflicts and Wars[]

The first conflict the empire led was the elven invasion of Khazad-Dum, under the pretense of being robbed, Moradin (MainTeemoTank) made a series of aggressive moves against the King of Rivendell, requesting that they return what they took from the Dwarves. ; The Elven King's response came with an invasion of the province of Moria, but the invasion was easily contained and the conflict ended with white peace.

Administration and Laws[]

  • Administration Section Centralized: Allies, Enemies and Wars are decided by One Faction. Each faction is considered a vassal of the leading faction.
  • Ruler Section Non-Elected Council of Kings: A council with full decisional powers, formed by the kings of each faction in the Empire and the Emperor.
  • Volunteers Section Disallow Volunteering: The members of the Empire cannot volunteer against their own empire