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The Silver Flower[]


After Telperion, Ungoliant killed the silver Tree of Valinor, Yavanna took its last flower and Aulë made a vessel to hold it. Then, with Tilion to guide it, Isil the Sheen was sent into the sky to bring light to Arda.

Its counterpart, Anar the Fire-golden, was a fruit of Laurelin and became the Sun.

The moon was held in high regard by the elves as it was created in their image

The Uprising[]

Tom The Exiled had traveled throughout the lands and at his stay in the woodlands, he heard many a great tales of the moon.

Enthralled by the stories, he set out to spread the word of Tilion and The Great Silver Flower, trying to learn all the secrets, and to learn why evil beings thrived in the moonlight while they shunned the daylight.

He traveled to the far norths of Forodwaith where the nights are longer to study and praise the moon along with the last remaining dalishmen loyal to him.


  • Headpriest: Tom The Exile
  • High Priests
  • Missionaries:
  • Followers: Gandalf (Molo97)