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The Beginnings[]

Melkor by formenost

The Dark Worship, in ancient time defined Melkorism, originally had Melkor as god. After Morgoth's banishment, Sauron continued the dark worship. At first his reverence to the great fallen Vala was honest and he acted as Melkor's viceregent and High-Priest, but later he doubted that Morgoth would ever return and fancied himself his rightful heir.

Cult of Sauron[]

Sauron eventually started to claim he himself was Morgoth returned or reincarnated and demanded the godlike worship as King of the World for himself as the true Dark Lord. In the end both dark Cults, Morgoth's and Sauron's, contested the reverence of Illuvatar as monotheistic religions, tolerating no gods, not even lesser ones, beside the Dark Lord. As The Dark Worship was renewed and confirmed throughout the Third Age, the Sauronites began to prosecute the adherents of both, the Eruist and Valarin Cults of the Eldar and Dúnedain as well as the superficial Cults of the Wild Men. In the end even the Followers of the old Melkoric Cults, such as the Cult of the Long Night, were considered intolerable rivals by the devout Sauronites.

The Dark Worship took different shapes at different times and places. At the height of his Power Sauron claimed the Title 'King of The World' and 'King of Men' from his predecessor Morgoth, later after his fall the Dark Worship often disguised itself, Sauron's return was prophesized as the coming of The Adanil, the "Friend of Men", a messianic figure often in combination with anti-Dúnedain Propaganda.

Know Sauronites[]

  • Official Cult of Mordor
  • Official Cult of Angmar
  • Official Cult of Gundabad
  • Official Cult of Dol Guldur
  • Official Cult of Wainriders
  • Official Cult of Balcoths
  • Official Cult of Rhudel
  • Official Cult of Harad
  • All the orcs usually are Sauronites