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The Blood Empire is also known as the TBE, it contains the factions Nethul and The Red Dwarves. The Emperor of the Empire is Ir-Dacug, with his fellow Red Dwarven King Krazan who is a vassal King.

Empire structure:[]

TBE is fully controlled by the one Emperor Ir-Dacug, while Krazan has full permission over his own faction, but Dacug is in control of the political side of the Empire.

The Overlord faction being Nethul- It is a centralised empire (meaning allies, Enemies and Wars are decided by One Faction. Each faction is considered a vassal of the leading faction).

The Emperor is a non-elected Emperor (meaning he decides everything)

TBE allow and encourage all volunteers

The rulers involved in this Empire:

Ir-Dacug (Lukaslop)

King Krazan(Skrazcy)


The Empire was formed out of 2 factions , the Nethul men and the Red dwarves of the mountain, the empires provinces span across the shadow and on the red Mountain, Nethul widely known as the Blood men or Orocarni men, had formed and Ir-Dacug became their king, while further east on the mountains, King Krazan had also Gained kingship over his fellow dwarves he united all the Stone-foots. Dacug and Krazan had a healthy relationship Nethul men and Red Dwarves had really good relation, often so they had many feasts and hunted together . One day the two Kings sat next to each other and agreed upon forming a Empire as Dacug as the leader (as he had more experience).Then from that day on the The Blood Empire was formed.From then they have only been looking to expand their vast empire.