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''Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky.''

The Elven Rings are the strongest rings of powers (excluding the One Ring) and were once used by Círdan and Gil-Galad.

Gil-Galad was the owner of both Narya and Vilya, he later entrusted Círdan the Shipwright with the ring Narya and entrusted the ring Vilya Lord Elron of Rivendell.

Later, Círdan the Shipwright entrusted the ring Narya to Gandalf. Since he recognized him as one of the smartest of the Istari and as a maia.

The third ring, Nenya, was given to Galadriel Lady of Lothlórien.


According to the book Unfinished Tales, at the beginning of the War of the Elves and Sauron. Celebrimbor gave the ring to Círdan Lord of Mithlond after the death of Gil-Galad. However, later in the Third Age, Círdan recognized Gandalf's true nature and saw him as one of the Maiar

from Valinor. He then gave the ring Narya to Gandalf to help him in the labours he has to complete.

''Take now this Ring," he said; "for thy labors and thy cares will be heavy, but in all it will support thee and defend thee from weariness. For this is the Ring of Fire, and herewith, maybe, thou shalt rekindle hearts to the valor of old in a world that grows chill'' - Círdan to Gandalf when giving Narya.

Later, Gandalf took the ring Narya to the undying lands with the other 2 rings and their bearers.

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Nenya is also known as the Ring of Water, the White Ring and the Ring of Adamant. The name is derived from the Quenya Nén meaning water. Nenya is described as being made of Mithril and in the centre, a gorgeous ''white stone'', though this is never actually described, it is presumed to be a diamond. The ring is worn by Lady Galadriel of Lothlórien. One of Nenya's powers was protection, and with the help of this power, the realm of Lórien could withstand a various amount of attacks from Dol Guldur. It is said that, protected as it was by Nenya, Lothlórien would not have fallen unless Sauron himself had personally attacked it.

However, the power of Nenya later faded away after the One Ring's destruction. All other rings lost their powers as well. When the power of Nenya faded away, Lady Galadriel took this ring to the undying lands, with the 2 other elven rings and their bearers.

With the ring gone, Lothlórien's magic and beauty faded, along with the huge and gorgeous mallorn trees lived for centuries. In FO 121, Lothlórien was deserted and in Ruin.

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Vilya, the Ring of Air, the Dominant Ring, or Ring of Sapphire is the most powerful of the three elven rings.

The moment Sauron attacked and laid waste on the region of Eregion, Vilya and Narya were passed onto the High Elven King of the Noldor Gil-Galad. After Gil-Galad his death, the ring Vilya passed onto Lord Elrond of Rivendell. Elrond was seen as one of the wisest elves ever lived and therefor chosen to be the bearer of Vilya.

Vilya contained a great blue stone in a gold band. Vilya was called the Ring of Air, signifying it's preeminence enven over the other Rings of the Elves, since Vilya was the mightiest of these three bands. The powers of Vilya however, are not described and unknown.

When the one Ring was destroyed, Vilya's power was no more and together with his bearer, Elrond, they travelled to the undying lands.

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