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This faction is non-canon. Not too much is known about Taurethrim. The Taurethrim have forgotten their past for the most part, but thanks to recent efforts by centralised authorities in the southern cities to reclaim their lost history, the ancient, proud heritage of the Taurethrim has been revealed to the world.

Traditional Taurethrim folklore stipulates that the proto-taurethrim peoples originated in the marshes and vale around Lake Chunha, and are related to the Near Haradrim and the Morwaith in part(The latter is denied by more tribalistic shamans who dislike the relation of the Forest-Folk to the Plains-Folk). As lake Chunha flooded, the Taurethrim fled into the jungles and established tribal civilisations.

The Taurethrim hold true that the first city of their true civilisation was Y'ash Kâh. From there, tribal communities merged and the Taurethrim empire developed. From temple records, the Empire was a bloodthirsty one, constantly looking for war and warmongering with the Cerenhrim and Morwaith...this has caused enmities to the future. In an effort to reduce sympathies for the Cerenhrim and Morwaith(The traditional enemies of the Taurethrim), they have burnt and chipped off any records left in their hands of the traditional age. Unfortunately, this purge has reduced records of their history to the ancient ruins in the midst of the jungle(Some of which are locally believed to be cursed), much to the frustration of the newer Taurethrim Kings looking for historical legitimacy.

The Taurethrim developed greater cities than Y'ash Kâh, but the names of them are forgotten to most but the most experienced shaman-priests. After a long rule, the Taurethrim empire faded away. The cause of the dissapearance is unknown, but the locals claim it was caused by a joint attack by cerenhrim and morwaith. The date of the dissapearance is also unknown but it could be assumed that it was around the 2000th year of the Third Age.

After the fall of the cities, the civilisation continued, but receded to tribal communities in the jungle. Certain kings and lords have attempted development and expansion, to no avail...until recently, in the 442nd year of the Fourth Age, when Do-Ahote of the city of ___Shitforgotthename) united the majority of the southern Taurethrim tribes under one banner. His capital is now wealthy and powerful, to rival even the greatest cities of the north. He is poised for a resurgence of the Taurethrim, to destroy the Morwaith for their past crimes, to destroy the Half-trollmen who have dug deep into his land and slaughtered his people. Vengeance is long due.

Provinces + Location:

Taurethrim is located in Far Harad. They Kingdom mostly consists of the jungle. They have lots of room for expansion. They currently own the following provinces: 570, 571, 572, 573, and 574.


VladSlavVS: Early September 2018 - Late September 2018

Taurethrim Server History:[]

Taurethrim is a relatively new faction, and only has one previous ruler. Many people have tried to go for King, although most people quit. Not really anything has happened to Taurethrim thus far. Although VladSlavVS was King of the faction for a very short while but ended up abdicating to go hop from one faction to the other again.