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Surion (Surion Elrossirion; born on the year 396 fourth age) is the current Tar of the reformed Empire of Arnor, he is also the cheiftan of the North Dunedain rangers and the unifier of the Arnorian people and the Hobbits.

Youth and family[]

Surion's father is Eldarion Elrossirion "The Conquerer", previous king of the North Dunedain, and his mother is Queen consort Sofia of Dale, sister of the current Dalish king Hope II. His brother is Earendur Elrossirion, protector of Arnor.

He was born in the city of Dale in the year 396 F.O and he passed a large portion of his youth there, the young noble wasn't allowed to leave the boundaries of the dalish royal palace and was officialy under the care of his mother Sofia, he was educated in dalish courtly manners which he showed great interest in.

Little Surion was an adventurous boy, he'd usually sneak outside the palace and explore the massive and diverse city.

Tales of the city[]

A young boy that just mastered walking, blessed by the curiosity of the young, decides to look around the astounding palace he finds himself in.

The chamber doors are open and a child newly adept at walking decides to step outside. The child finds himself in a gallery completely coloured in a yellow-esque fashion, best word to describe it would be "honeycomb". Pïllars and an interior balcony the left and the living chamber entrances to the right. The child decides to approach the fancy pillars and inspect them, he notices a lot of funny shapes carved into them, which he decides to put his little thumb in and go along the outline, feeling the expertly cut marble under at pressure point of his thumb and the wall while going along the outline of it. His thumb hits a sharp marble bump and the kid retracts his hand immediately from the pillar after feeling an unexpected sting. The boy suddenly hears shoes click clacking on the floor in the room under the gallery, he decides to look through the balcony into the room, which seems to be more a hall than a simple room, long tables were set  running up and down the rows of chairs, and along the tables there were numerous servants, they seemed to be carrying food to the table, and a lot of it: meat, roast pork, pastry, fruits, vegetables and all sorts of exquisite cuisine prepared in the palace kitchens. From that the child deduced that today will not be like any day, today will be one of those special noisy days...