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Lore :[]

Sometime in the 4th Age, the dwarves of Ered Mithrin, with Frar at their head, started the 4th Durin's Folk Civil War. After a few days into the civil war, Uzbad Uri and Frar meet to discuss urgent matters. Uri tried to persuade Frar to lay his weapons down and tell his men to stop, but he failed; Frar's decision was war. The preparations for the civil war were concluding and the final battle was a few days away when Frar spotted a pigeon carrying a message. The message was from Uri, and it read:

"Choose your terms, for this shall end peacefully".

Frar implied that Uri would step down from his seat as Uzbad, and assign a new Uzbad. Uri accepted.

Following these events, Frar has been promoted to Zabad of Ered Mithrin. Shortly after that Frar and his dwarves have established the house of the Stonehelms. After some time reigning as Zabad of Ered Mithrin, Frar was promoted as the Regent of Stannis, the Uzbad of Khazadul. Frar has ruled Khazadul for some time but after a sickness the Regency has been passed onto his son, Azaghâl II.

General information :[]

A house of dwarves that currently inhabit Ered Mithrin (The Gray Mountains).They settled in Ered Mithrin sometime in the 4th age, they currently inhabit the north-eastern part of the Grey Mountains. Their current settlement is Zeleg'Ubraz.

These dwarves hail partly from the Iron Hills and one part from the outskirts of Erebor.

Something about their personality :[]

The Stonehelms have a short temperament; they like hunting, are good warriors, and like all other dwarves, have a strong desire to drink alcohol. They are not warmongers and they will support their allies and friends, but won't look for wars outside their interest.

Estates :[]

Name Type Status Holder
Zeleg'Ubraz City Finished Frar
Id-Uslukuh Aban City Finished Naugladur
The Golden Halls of Chameel City WIP Chameel
Dain's Halls City Finished

House Members :[]

Stone elms

House Head

  • Frar

Heir ( Direct Heir of the House Head ) :

  • Azaghâl II

Izbad(s) ( Lesser Lord ; Holds 2 or more provinces ) :

Zabdul(s) ( Lord like ; Holds 1 province ) :