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Server History[]

Little is known about the Shire's server history, in the past the Shire had no rulers for ages whatsoever.

The first ruler rose up and claimed the Thainship as 'King Thain' (Bonfire); ruling only for a short while before meeting an early demise. Not much having happened during his tenure. The second ruler, known as Szymon, ruled from 2019 onwards before likewise meeting his demise.

The Shire has always been an inactive faction and has always been sort of cut off from the rest of society.


The Shire is a small but beautiful and fruitful land, beloved by its inhabitants; the Hobbits. Its inhabitants rely largely on an extensive agricultural system, without industrialisation. It is densely populated in parts with many villages and a few towns and is open enough to allow for wide forested areas and marshes. The Shire is home to green, rolling hills and freshly tilled earth, along with gardens and flower boxes on window sills.

The Shire has long been protected by the presence of the Rangers of the North or Remnants of Arnor and has for centuries ignored the wide world outside. The total area of the Shire extends roughly about 20,000 square miles.

List of Rulers[]

Thain - Bonfire (Early days of July 2018 - Late July 2018)

Szymon - God knows (2019 - A mystery)


The Shire is a independent political unit headed by the Thain from Tuckborough who is the head of the important Took clan. Nominally the Thain rules over the four Farthings, but in practice his authority is so decentralized that the title is seen as a formality and ceremonial one.

The Thain is the master of the Shire-moot and captain of the Shire-muster and Hobbitry-in-arms, but can only call for a Shire-moot and command during emergency.

In practice the Mayor of Michel Delving in the White Downs rules the Shire; serving as both postmaster of the Shire's Messenger service and charging the Watch as well as presiding over fairs. The Mayor of Michel Delving is elected every 7 years.