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On this page you will find some useful hints on how to make the buildings recognizable.

Civic buildings

Village/Small Hall

The hall is the centre of the Village. It needs a Small table with some chairs, at least 4 chests and you have to decorate it a little bit if it feels empty. It has to be bigger than one house, the recommended size is 13x8. 

Town/Great/Main Hall

The Great Hall is the residence of the Highest authority in the city. It must have at least one bedroom, a kitchen, a council room with some chairs and a throne. It can be one single building with some rooms or smaller buildings all connected together.


Since the next supermarket will be opened in only 3 ages, you need a place where to store the supplies for your people. It must have a place for the timber, one for the food and some other goodies. Decorate it as you want and the idea here is more = better. You can of course go for smaller buildings that have one kind of resource stored, it’s up to you to decide. 

Water Well

Remember plastic bottles? Yeah, same as the supermarket. So, if you don’t want your population to die of thirst, you have to build one if there’s not a river or lake. Not the sea! That stuff can’t be drunk. Any requirements? Yes, if it’s not good I’ll burn your city to the ground. I’m not joking. I dare you. You will extinguish the fire? Oh, you piece of rotten horsemeat, with what? Water? You don’t have it.


Market square is, as the name suggests, a square for the market. Building this provides you with the ability to trade with the neighbouring provinces. What do you mean you don’t have to trade? Do you think is it useless? Well, next time you are without enough iron to make a spoon, don’t come crying to me. It needs to have some shops or stalls around it and it has to be a plaza. Too small doesn’t work. At least 7 blocks of diameter.

Craftman shop

A craftsman shop is basically the cheap way to introduce you to our new brand innovation: thinking. Thinking is the revolutionary process that provides you the ability of independence from orders and differentiates you from a cactus. Jokes aside, the craftsman shop is a way to let you express your ideas. Do you think that a crockery shop is a good idea? Do it. Any idea is good! Until it is not. The requirements are that you have to convince a staff member that what you built isn’t absolute rubbish but it has an actual sense.

Smith (standard version)

The smith is required if you want to build armours and weapons. He is only a poor fella with just the ability of making a broken nail, but he can work the metals and send them to the more experienced artisans.

Yavanna's Garden

The elven version of the logging camp. You will need to build an area with trees and a house in the middle with a bed and a couple of chests. You can decorate it with trees growing in the proximity of the house.


Ok this seems pretty easy: you can’t have all of your people to be homeless. It’s not good for them. And when your neighbour will build villas with pools, what do you think they will do? They will leave you. The requirements are that the house must look good and be at least 3x4 blocks inside. You have to decorate it with a bed, a chest, a table and a chair. Better if you put something else too.

NB: Houses must be individual buildings. You cannot count an individual flat or room within a larger building as a house.


This is basically house for poor people. Or if you are a nomad. Or if you don’t give a damn about your population, like the orcs! The orcs aren’t real people, so you don’t have to feel bad. Build as many tents as you wish. A tent has to be at least the same as the standard ranger or orc tents, with a bed too.



Moats are good, because I say so. Or because your enemy will have trouble sieging you. Pick one of those two. It's generally considered a moat a hole in the ground surrounding your settlement.


Walls. Pretty self-explanatory. Why do you need walls? Well, imagine having a neighbour. He puts the trash in your trash can, leaves his dog pissing in your garden… And yes, he razes your villages to the ground and feasts on the corpses of the dead. To have a good wall it must be of a considerable height(min. 8 blocks). It can be wooden, made of stone and if you manage to even from kebab blocks.

Military Buildings

War Smithy

“Stick or stones may break your bones, but they don’t do shit against a full plated knight.” If you are planning to wage a war, and you are planning to have a chance to win it, your troops need something more than hope and luck. They need armours and weapons. The war smith has to have an anvil, a forge, one chest, 8 filled armour stands and 8 filled weapon racks.


Since you can’t have your soldiers sleeping on the ground, near the walls, you need the barracks to house them. At least it has to have 8 beds, 8 chairs around some tables, 8 chests.


The stables are the only way to have something more than infantry. You will need 8 boxes for horses and the horses, plus some decoration. Exceptions are elks for woodland, boars for dwarves and wargs for orcs.

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