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Upon completing these sets, the player can request a Role on our discord.

Most of the weapons listed here, can be acquired by events, exchanges with other players or by crates, but note that some sets require the player to have a determined artifact, which makes the Role of Discord exclusive to one player only.

Set Completion Rewards

As a reward for completing a set, everyone gets a role and a customizable weapon.

  • 2.35 Upon completing a set a player must trade in all items from the set (except Artifacts) in order to receive the rewards. The rewards for completing a set are as follows:
    1. Discord role which correlates to the set.
    2. A Customizable weapon.
  • 2.35.1 This custom weapon must have the same enchants as another a crate item of your choice (excluding ungodly tier items). The Staff Team may determine how much damage said item can have based on the set which got traded in, and based on the other sets (For balance's sake). Aside of that you may customize the lore and name and item used.

You can check the List of Artifacts to find out who owns a particular artifact of a set.

Set Of Eorlings

  • Axe Of Léod
  • Sword Of Forthwini
  • Sword Of Marhwini
  • Battleaxe Of Frumgar
  • Sword Of Eorl
  • Sword Of Fram

Set Of Finrod Felagund

  • Sword Of Finrod
  • Ring Of Barahir (Artifact)
  • Saithnar
  • Spear Of Ogbar
  • Nargil

Seven Hammers Of Mahal

  • Dragonslaying Hammer
  • Hammer Of Dúrin
  • North Hammer
  • Great Stone Hammer
  • Battleaxe Of Úri Firebeard (Artifact)
  • Hammer Of Relin
  • Southern Hammer

Uruloki's Dungeon

  • Axe Of Dain I
  • Zakil-Khezed
  • Sword Of Arveduin
  • Black Axe Of Beleriand

Treasure Of Noldor

  • Ereinion
  • Bow Of Gil-Galad
  • Silver Lance Of Fingolfin
  • Andamacil
  • Kanafinwe
  • Tyelkormo
  • Thoronduin

Set Of Gondor

  • Steward's Blade
  • Mace Of Eldarion
  • Mace Of Anárion
  • Bow Of Faramir
  • Boromir's Sword
  • Forlong's Axe
  • Bow Of Aragorn
  • Sword Of Imrahil

Set Of Rohan

  • Eowyn's Sword
  • Spear Of Eomer
  • Sword Of Theódred
  • Hammer of Helm Hammerhand
  • Eomer's Helmet
  • Battleaxe Of The Rohirrim

Set Of Khazad-Dûm

  • Barazantathul
  • Durin's Crow
  • Axe Of Azaghal
  • Axe Of Azanulbizar
  • Thorin's Royal Sword
  • Axe Of Erebor

Set Of Dark Legion

  • Lurtz's Sword
  • Bolg's Cleaver
  • Mouth Of Sauron's Sword
  • Cleaver of Úgluk
  • Scimitar Of Shagrat
  • Sword Of Agandaûr

Set Of The Sindar

  • Haldir's Bow
  • Legolas's Dagger
  • Sword Of Celeborn
  • Oropher's Sword
  • Thranduil's Blade
  • Blade Of Dior

Hoard of Felagrog

  • Sword of Felagrog
  • Glamdar
  • Windlance
  • Axe of Azanulbizar
  • Axe of the silver-dwarf

Balgorath Set

  • Firespeaker
  • Axe of Lungorthin
  • Hammer of the Fallen
  • Cursed Bow
  • Balrog's Heart

Hoard of Durlach

  • Celeg Aithorn
  • Ancaruine
  • Eol's Hammer
  • Mintion
  • Orthadel

Set of Dunharrow

  • Spear of the Undead King
  • Crown of the Undead King (Artifact)
  • Sword of Baldor
  • Gwaedhel
  • Axe of the Oathbreaker