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<Note: this empire currently does not exist>

Administration Section[]

Centralized: allies, enemies, and wars are decided solely by the commanding faction of the empire. Each ruler and Nazgul is entitled to share their concerns and thoughts about raising threat surrounding the Empire or diplomacy, it however is not mandatory for Sauron (or the emperor) to listen those calls and take action whenever the rulers or Nazguls tell him to. He takes the decision by himself and is not obligated to follow the calls made by rulers or Nazguls.

Ruler Section[]

Non-Elected Dictatorship: Sauron will always be the commander and emperor of the empire unless Sauron gives power to a different Nazgul/Rulers

Volunteers Section[]

Disallow volunteering: the members of the empire cannot volunteer against their own empire, unless said otherwise by Sauron or the Emperor of Servants of Sauron. Raiding however is allowed between the factions, this must first be approved by Sauron or the Emperor of Servants of Sauron