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The second war for Adornland was an unexpected victory for the Free Folks. Even if the sides were balanced, it was a resounding victory.

The first Battle[]

Gathering the banners[]

The forces of Gondor were still recovering from the first war of Adornland and the garrisons depleeted the strenght of the gondorians and Rohirrims. Hearing that an army was approacing the western part of the region, Maglor gathered all the neighbouring forces of FA and descended to help Gondor.

He found only King Elfwine (Fvaltrock), Lord Anardil (Mati_429) and General Eradan (Potatorekt41).

The clash[]

The two sides met in a thick forest on a hilly terrain. The native dunlendlings harrassed constantly the forces of Free Folks. When Maglor ordered the halt, the soldiers were so tired that they didn't notice the first attack of the forces of Mordor.

Eradan was struck with a blade by the nazgul and his soldiers were driven away. Fili (MarsonX) retaliated with the dwarves and repelled the attack, striking down a captain of mordor, but Stannis (OdinHaddock) was injured.

After those quick events, the battle was a stalemate, but then a valiant soldier of Gondor attacked the dark lord, injuring him. Maglor sounded the charge and swept the remaining enemies. Only a nazgul (Vendetta_V) and Saruman (KeyLime) managed to survive.