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1) Start on Ancar[]

My presence on the server dates back to 2017.

As soon as I entered, it was posed the problem about which faction i had to choose, I had no idea sincerely but I was thinking of some famous ones, that they had contributed significantly to the war of books; but two players approached me, they were HOSTIS and pactw, they asked me to join their faction: the Blue Dwarves.

At that moment I was surprised because it was a faction I had never considered, either in the whole Tolkien story but also in the mod (I've known her a long time ago), so I was more inclined to choose Durin's dwarves if I had to make a dwarf. They insisted, kindly meant, then, having nothing to lose, I entered.

Immediately HOSTIS helped me find a home (which I still greatly appreciate) to settle in the Ered Luin while pactw opened the doors of his house also building a room to myself.

As Blue dwarf I took the name of Kheleb.

The same day I discovered that HOSTIS was aiming to become king of the Blue Dwarves and that he was the son of the great king of the dwarves of Durin, Fundin. Since I liked him and also had a big debt with him (he helped me both to find a home but also to give me objects and help of various kinds for the adventure when I had absolutely nothing) I decided to assist him and helped to make him become king.

After a few weeks he became the new king of the Blue Dwarves and elected me general and after some time it also gave me the management of part of the kingdom.

2) Change of faction[]

One day on the server came a player who had been missing for some time: Fundin, the great king of Durin's dwarves.

HOSTIS felt obliged to return to Durin's dwarves and to his father and I followed him because I was still in his service.

As a dwarf of Durin I took the name of Daruk, Fundin in person elected me to Noble Knight of the lineage of Durin and I swore to protect the lineage of Durin even if I had left the faction.

The period with Durin's dwarves lasted a long time, even when Fundin left and HOSTIS took his place, I continued to serve the throne.

One day the king decided to found a nation by uniting the dwarves of durin with the Blue Dwarves creating the Khazadul Empire.

Unfortunately at that time the peace in Middle-earth had changed, frequent clashes took place not between the forces of Mordor and the free peoples but among the peoples themselves, particularly among the people of Durin and Gondor.

At that time, many dwarves left the country and we were left with only a few, and many suspicions of treason began to be born; among the dwarves, this led to various unpleasant situations and many internal conflicts; this led me to get tired and to want some peace away from all these political situations.

3) The beginning of a new adventure[]

I decided that the place of my faction would be a territory not much frequented by the players and among those I thought I chose the Forodwaith, a cold and lonely land and I liked it very much, and in those territories I had started some time before a very ambitious project concerning a gigantic suspended fortress, Theosoir.

So it was that after leaving the nation I founded my kingdom with Giacobrick and AaronFG: Artheloth.

With the faction created I changed my name and became Siegfried the half-breed.

The kingdom has a strong bond with the ancient Arnor, in fact its main faction is the Dunèdain of the North and the official armor is precisely the artifact of ancient times, namely the Arnorian armor.

With the foundation the construction race began, I created a fort and a city to give the kingdom a beginning of stability (because obviously having just been founded it had no structure to lean on) the fortress I was building initially (first of the reign) I thought of making it the capital, then changed my mind: its future would be like the royal quarter while the task of being the capital was given to Niflheim.

4)The empire creation[]

Between one building and another I began to think about how to increase the territories and how to give greater depth to the kingdom, I decided then, afterwards having consulted with my subordinates, to give life to an empire. I chose the kingdom of the Wood Elves as my vassal (my favorite among those of the elves) who had not had kings for a long time and did not want to leave him abandoned; I made Giacobrick, the commander of the royal guards, the king of the elves (he himself is an elf) and with him I founded the Nohrian Empire. But it didn't last very long.

5) From the empire to the federation[]

One day a player contacted me and asked me to come back as king of the Wood Elves and he also intended to found an alliance which aimed at peace among free peoples, that player was Molo97. I thought about it for a while, but I didn't mind the idea, the values ​​he intended to protect were those that I also wanted, as long as I gave Giacobrick another kingdom (which was Lothlorien), I renounced my empire and founded the federation of free peoples: Gwend uin Erain (friendship of kings).

The federation was a great step not only for us who founded it but also for all of Middle-earth; with the passage of time it grew both in number of kingdoms that joined it both in fame and in number of players.

6) An unexpected change[]

With the updating of the mod to version 34 a reform of the rules took place which allowed only the custom factions of lore inspired could remain, while the others had to be canceled or reconverted to factions.

Then I was at a crossroads: hold Artheloth but reconvert it as a faction of Nordic fishermen under the Dunland banner or delete it.

I decided the second one.

This is because I care about the faction that I founded and I tried in every way to give it dignity and this, the changing faction, would have it ruined because from Numenorian blood and noble origins it would have become only a faction of barbarians who live in huts and take fish to live.

But first to make sure that my lands didn't fall into the wrong hands, I became for a moment king of the Lossoth and taken into custody the Arthelothian provinces then, now without a kingdom, I decided to return to my first faction, the Blue Dwarves, leaving the lossoth and leaving the control to my trusted captain of the warriors AaronFG.

7) Back to the origins[]

The reign of the Ered Luin in my absence had not had a great history, the empire of Khazadul had fallen long before and the kings who had succeeded they had not done anything of importance and when i'm returned an inactive player was to the throne.

Then I decided to make the kingdom great again, I became king, with the name of Heimdall, and I joined to the federation.

I started a policy of expansion and restructuring: I began to conquer many provinces and to build several forts and cities; I asked the staff several times to continue the construction of the structures of the lore and some progress was seen.

One evening he contacted me HOSTIS who wanted to re-establish the empire of Khazadul, I at first was doubtful, having an experience not very pleasant past, but in the end I accepted; then I left the federation and we re-founded the empire.


Genealogical Tree of Ephraim[]