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Salafiyyah Al-Illahvatariyah, also known as Sarumanite Illahvatarism, is a reform branch of the Illahvatarist faith which advocates a return towards a more "pure" and "pious" way of practicing Illahvatarism.

Founded by Ālim Saruman Al-Salih in the year 193 VA due to him firmly believing that the current followers of contemporary Illahvatarism are too weak of spirit and quick to abandon faith, thus deciding to proclaim himself as "Al-Mahdi" therefore he sees himself meaning saviour of the faithful who is ready to rid the world of of evil and injustice.

Al-Kitab Al-Saliheen

In his book "Al-Kitab Al-Saliheen" (The book of the righteous) he elaborates his views by blaming the Commonwealth of Rhovanion and their predecessors for being in large part the cause of the downfall of Illahvatarism as he mentions in numerous passages the fight lead by Kazeem's brigades and the efforts of the Commonwealth to curb the raise of Illahvatarism

"Illah has many plans we cannot comprehend and we all play part in it, and my part is to bring the downfall of the kuffar killing our brothers in Dale, those imperialist decadent filth in the head of the so called Commonwealth of Rhovanion."

The second reason he presents for the downfall of Illahvatarism is the incompetence and faithlessness of religious leaders such as Kazeem himself and especially the leaders of the the Independent Illahvatarist State of Dale (IISD).

"Kazeem is not all to blame for this as Illah knows his intention was good, but due to the his lack of foresight his successors have become kuffar themselves and traitors to the message, they have made deals with shayateen in power and thus will receive the full wrath of Illah insh-illah"

The third reason for him is more practical than ideological, he believes that the teachings of Illahvatarism didn't actually have a stable support such as a book, so this is why Saruman has decided to write his own book compiling teachings of Illahvatarism and also his own teachings which he added as well, and thanks to that he believes Illahvatarism will be able to spread beyond control especially if combined with Isengard's already notable industrial capabilities.

"Illah has blessed us with a great industry and a blessed land bordered with many trees and massive forests that can be used to produce more paper, more paper meaning more books, and more books meaning more followers insh-illah"

The One Ring

In Sarumanite doctrine the One Ring is seen as a sort of blessing from god and item proving his legitimacy as Al-Mahdi and thus he believes that Illah has granted him a mission to export the Jihad in every single corner of Arda. So despite his Commonwealth focused rhetoric in truth he views every single non-believing sovereign and official as a threat.

"Illah has granted me an weapon of many powers alhamdulilah, and with this weapon I shall lead an eternal Jihad against every Kafir who wishes to resist, they will either Submit, pay Jizya (Religious tax), or meet the sword."