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Official Server Rules

Here you can find a list of the rules in our server.

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Server Name: AncarCraft The Fourth Age

Version: Rules v1.17

By Acult

Last update: 26-06-2021

1. General

  • 1.1 Avoid a forbidden behavior, which consists of:

1.1.1 Raising shitstorm discussions on purpose against a specific player, or faction, or side

1.1.2 Criticizing staff and server, NB: The generalized criticism term is referred to all those sentences related to "you're a c*nt, you're a brainless biased, you took this decision because x and x, you only care about x, you are x and such"

1.1.3 Flooding, spamming

1.1.4 Abusing of caps lock

1.1.5 Causing a mess on purpose when staff is busy on certain tasks, for example in managing wars

1.1.6 Disrespectful behavior toward staff decisions

1.1.7 Disrespectful behavior toward staff members aswell as provocations, insults toward staff, ignoring staff warnings on purpose

1.1.8 Random accuses of being biased (just because your opinion doesn't match with staff, they aren't biased)

1.1.9 Abusing of staff dm (fake reports, insults, provocations, your personal toxic opinions about others which none cares about).

For each of these behaviors, staff has access to a collection of examples and relative punishment. They generally vary between SOFT Warning, 1 min mute (Warning), 10 min mute (Heavy breaking of rules), 30 min mute (Super Heavy Reiterated breaking of rules).

  • 1.5 Do not spam IP or sites of other servers, players are earned not stolen from those who have won them loyally.

Penalty: Permanent Ban [Global]

  • 1.6 Do not encourage other users to break the regulation. (Ex. Exploiting a bug and spreading the exploit to other users)

Penalty: Depends on the infraction occurred. The penalty will be applied to both those who have encouraged the infringement and the victim.

  • 1.7 Do not contact the staff in private, on platforms other than discord and the server, the Discord server exists because everyone can try and help you!
  • 1.10 Everyone is responsible for their account, so whatever happens the owner of the account will be punished, this does not apply in case of theft of the account.
  • 1.11 English and Italian are the main languages of the server, thus avoid to spam the chat with long discussions in any other language (use private channels instead).

It's not rule breaking if you write few words in your own language, or even few sentences. It's considered a discussion (thus breaking the rule) only when 2 or more players are involved into talking in their own language for several time. There is no punishment for such rule, which is more like a common guideline, instead you would get warned or 10min muted if you severely spam the chat.

  • 1.12 Do not ask to be staff. At the beginning you will be ignored, but if you continue asking you will be punished.
  • 1.15 New players can't be killed, this protection is valid for 3 day (the time start from the first login). If you kill the newbie you MUST refund the stuff back. If the new players attack someone they lose their protection. Self-defense isn't considered as an attack.

Note: You can check when players first log into the server with the /res [playername] command.

  • 1.15.1 If a new player participates in a war (which is seen as an event) does not mean their noob-protection of 3 days will wear off.

2. Gameplay

  • 2.1 Do not use hacks on the server and do not make any changes that could benefit you in the gameplay. The only Mods allowed are those that modify the graphic appearance of the game like Optifine and Shaders.

The staff is able to see when the hacks have been used, but the tools that are available are not always accurate and therefore it is possible that you are asked to show your minecraft folder via screen sharing on AnyDesk or Discord, this process is not to be accepted compulsorily, however in the event that it is not possible and the anti-cheat detects a number of infractions it will be necessary to continue according to the indicated penalty. It is advisable to have a Discord account in order to avoid problems and to be able to protect in case the anti-cheat detects infractions. The staff may require another program for screen sharing.

Penalty: Ban 1 week > Permanent Ban [Global]

  • 2.2 Do not exploit server bugs or glitches in general to enter bases, obtain items or get rich, because you will only cause unbalances in the gameplay of all the players and you will be punished. Bugs and glitches include and are not limited to: Using mount glitches to move through blocks, using claim glitches to mine ore, using boats to get past gates, etc.

Penalty: The penalty will depend exclusively on how much you have unbalanced the gameplay, minimum penalty: 3-Day Ban [Global - Local] + Handing over the stuff you glitched.

  • 2.3 If your account has been banned. Do not register a new one because it will only cause the ban of both.
  • 2.4 Do not cheat or deceive anyone while doing business.

Penalty: Compensation of unduly withdrawn money/items and 2 days of ban. If you refuse to compensate the victim: Permanent Ban [Local].

  • 2.5 Suppressed Law
  • 2.6 Fly can only be given if the player is building in the faction's territory they are in. Using fly outside your factions' borders is not allowed & will be sanctioned.
  • 2.6.1 Flying AFK is not allowed.
  • 2.6.2 While you are making a colonization settlement in a specific province, the province is not part of any faction thus meaning you can't use fly for colonizing.

Before giving fly to a player, the Staff member needs to check the place and the construction for which fly is needed.

It's forbidden for a Staff member to enter an enemy structures during a war, because it might cause an advantage due to knowledge of layout, traps, etc.

Penalty: Not allowed to get fly again for two weeks > not allowed to ever get fly again.

  • 2.7 Any kind of tp-kill is forbidden. Definition of tp-kill: dying within 5 minutes to the hands of a player after he tped to you/you tped to him, or because of him.

In 5 minutes, the player will be actually able to recognize if it's a trap or some sort of tp-kill and proptly escape in time. After 5 minutes have passed, it will be considered a normal kill.

Penalty: Ban 1 day [Local] > Ban 1 week [Global] > Ban 2 weeks [Global] (Stuff back each time)

  • 2.7.1 Dying to the hand of a "Third-Party" within 5 minutes is also not permitted & will get the same sanctions.

If player A does /tpa to player B and player B kills player A. It's Tp-Kill.

If Player B does /tpahere to player A and player B kills player A. It's Tp-Kill.

If Player B finds player A and does /tpahere player C, it is not Tp-Kill.

  • 2.8 It's not allowed to grief the Landscape and all emulative acts are prohibited (This includes acts that ruin the visible landscape to an unrecognisable level and acts that may cause harm to other players such as pouring lava or blocking roads with quagmire).

Penalty: Ban 2 weeks [Local] > Ban 4 weeks [Local] > Permanent Ban [Global]

  • 2.8.1 If the griefed structure is a recognized city/castle or lore build, no matter if unclaimed, here the punishment:

Penalty: Ban 2/3 weeks [Local] > Permanent Ban [Global]

  • 2.8.2 Griefing the landscape near a waypoint is not permitted.

Penalty: Official Warning [Local] > Ban 7 Days [Local] > Ban 2/3 Weeks [Local]

  • 2.8.3 Stealing from or griefing a claimed player base is illegal.

Penalty: Official Warning [Local] and giving back the stolen items > Ban 7 days [Local]

  • 2.9 It's forbidden to build pillars. If it's the first time and the player will remove his pillar, he will not be punished.
  • 2.9.1 It is also not permitted to make a staircase to enter a specific structure.

Penalty: Ban 1 day [Local] > Ban 3 days [Local] > Ban 1 week [Local] > Ban 2 weeks > Permanent Ban [Global]

  • 2.11 Any rule regarding wars is defined in War Rules
  • 2.12 Any rule regarding raids is defined in Raid Rules
  • 2.13 Suppressed Law
  • 2.14 Old bounds must lose their flame modifier (which can't be obtained back) otherwise they will get deleted. Crate items can obtain back their vanilla enchant if you prove that they had one, the service will be made by Staff with access to creative by paying 2000 coins.

Penalty: Destruction of the illegal items and maybe bonus sanctions (decided by staff)

Check more about --> Artifact's Rules

Penalty: If you refuse to give it, the player who killed you is able to choose what artifact he wants.

  • 2.16 Jumping walls of cities/forts with the aid of Khamul's Fire or bombs is forbidden.

Penalty: Warn [Local] > Ban 1 day [Local] > Ban 3 day [Local] > Ban 1 Week [Local]

  • 2.17 It's not allowed to create and maintain Waypoints inside claimed Players Bases, even if unrecognized structures.

Penalty: Warn and Waypoints removed [Local] > Waypoints removed and Ban 1 day [Local] > Waypoints removed and Ban 3 day [Local] > Waypoints removed and Ban 1 Week [Local]

  • 2.18 Suppressed law.
  • 2.19 It's not allowed to use the Unarmed MCMMO skill in /warp train. If you gain a high level with the Unarmed MCMMO it is possible to actually "Disarm" a player. This way you have a chance to pick up the item the player was holding at that point. If the player demands to give it back, it is obligated to give it back. Note: If this happens outside warp train, it is permitted.

Penalty: Warning [Global] -> Ban [1 week] -> Ban [1 month] -> Perm Ban.

  • 2.20 It's not allowed to log onto others' accounts without their permission in ANY CASE. We can always check whoever joined, even if he didn't put any password.

Penalty: Permanent Ban [Global]

  • 2.21 It is not allowed to trade an artifact with an inactive person & you are obligated to transfer the artifact via /trade or dropping it on the ground. More info can be found in Artifact's Rules.

Penalty: In case of abuse, the Staff might decide to either take the artifact or either sanction the owner.

  • 2.22 It is prohibited to over-flood the /ca with useless / over-overpriced items

Penalty: Requisition of items and balance cutting.

  • 2.23 (Not a rule but it's recommended) It is highly recommended to record during a raid. Many players have reported of players either abusing or breaking any server rules and if you have the raid recorded you have clear evidence of what precisely happened and so you can use it if anything would have happened.
  • 2.24 Each time you change race (no matter which, maia and nazguls too), you have to grind every level.
  • 2.25 Staff members cannot be killed when recognizing a settlement.
  • 2.26 It's forbidden to commit raid 30 minutes before a battle (concerning wars).
  • 2.27 Since entities may cause lag, you can have up to 20 mobs in same chunk.

Penalty: Any illegal number of mobs gets butchered, the guilty player gets sanctioned by $20.000. If the lag is created on purpose (such as 200 chickens in same chunk), there will also be a ban of 3 - 7 days depending on the situation.

  • 2.28 It's forbidden to claim trader buildings or kidnapping traders to new locations, those npc are meant to be useful for everyone. Smiths are also considered as traders.
  • 2.29 Roles skills such as Blink, Ground Attack, Launch or any other abilities cannot be used to let you or others enter inside player's bases and recognized structures, nor they can be used to take advantage in events or parkours. The abuse of such abilities will bring to punishment and to the removal of your role position.
  • 2.29.1 Sauron's Mace cannot be used to enter bases and recognized structures, it can also not be used for travelling.
  • 2.30 Tping players to the entrance/middle/end of any dungeon is not allowed and will be punished.

Penalty: Ban 1 week [Local] > Ban 1 month [Local] > Ban 2 months [Local] > Perm Ban [Global]

  • 2.30.1 Flying in the any dungeon will have the same punishments as listed above.
  • 2.31 Possession of a Chill of Daedelos or a weapon with the Chilling modifier is illegal. (Except Aeglos, Belthronding & Bow of Oromë)

Penalty: Destruction of illegal items with possible additional sanctions.

  • 2.32 Before putting a Flame of Udûn on a weapon you must inform a staff member before doing so. Staff have to see both the Flame of Udûn and the weapon in your inventory in order to validate it. A validated weapon receives a line of lore, distinguishing it from a non flaming item. Possessing a flaming item without validation will lead to a punishment. Penalty: Destruction of items with possible additional sanctions.
  • 2.33 Any player part of a faction not allied with mordor or volunteering for factions not allied with mordor must have a negative mordor alignment.
  • 2.33.1 Any player part of a faction allied with or volounteering to evil aligned orcs, must have a negative alignment with High Elves

N.B. A mordor player volounteering in High Elves side, is not tied to have a negative High Elven alignment, aswell an High Elven player volounteering for any faction allied with Mordor is not tied to have a negative Mordor alignment.

  • 2.33.2 High Elves and Mordor are not allowed to ally each other or join the same empire, as it would override the nature of the Sauron's Mace and Gandalf's Staff.
  • 2.34 Ungodly items may only get re-enchanted by staff once. Once it's re-enchanted it's lore "Not Forged" (in green text) gets changed to "Was Forged" in red text by the staff member enchanting it.
  • 2.35 Upon completing a set a player must trade in all items from the set (except Artifacts) in order to receive the rewards. The rewards for completing a set are as follows:
    1. Discord role which correlates to the set.
    2. A Customizable weapon.
  • 2.35.1 This custom weapon must have the same enchants as another a crate item of your choice (excluding ungodly tier items). The Staff Team may determine how much damage said item can have based on the set which got traded in, and based on the other sets (For balance's sake). Aside of that you may customize the lore and name and item used.

3. Donations

  • 3.1 The donations are totally voluntary and what you will receive is intended as a reward for having supported the server and therefore the donation is in no way refundable.
  • 3.2 In the event that your account is banned you will not receive any refund.
  • 3.3 The sale of the account is not allowed, it will result in the permanent ban of the account without the possibility of reimbursement.
  • 3.4 In the event that the user decides to request chargeback on PayPal®, it will be permanently banned from the entire network without the possibility of re-entry and the practice will be managed by PayPal.
  • 3.5 By making a donation to the server, you automatically accept the conditions set out above.

4. Staff

  • 4.1 Don't abuse creative, fly, speed, godmode, and other powers.
  • 4.2 Don't give anything from creative to yourself & other players.
  • 4.3 Don't spawn invasions with given horns.
  • 4.4 Help new players.
  • 4.5 Answer the server-related questions.

5. Discord

  • 5.1 Be respectful.
  • 5.2 Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • 5.3 Use proper grammar and spelling and don't spam.
  • 5.4 Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited.
  • 5.5 Mentioning @everyone, the Moderators or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited.
  • 5.6 Act civil in Voice Chat.
  • 5.7 Post content in the correct channels.
  • 5.8 Don't post someone's personal information without permission.
  • 5.9 Listen to what Staff says.
  • 5.10 Do not post graphic pictures of minors (<18yo).
  • 5.11 There is a max cap of 2 roles you can have if you complete a certain set. (Example; If you have completed 3 sets. You can only have 2 discord roles of your choice.)

6. Disclaimer

  • 6.1 The provisions set out in paragraph 1 are valid with the highest priority in all AncarNetwork environments, excluding the Discord server where regulation of it prevails.
  • 6.2 The AncarNetwork staff reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time and without notice, with immediate effect.
  • 6.3 The penalties set out in the regulations are to be considered as guidelines and it is therefore possible to vary them according to the circumstances.
  • 6.4 AncarNetwork staff reserves the right to cancel the registration of a user (Not having Minecraft Premium) in case the owner of the Minecraft Premium account needs to enter the server.
  • 6.5 All sensitive user data such as passwords are stored in the AncarNetwork databases, in an encrypted and as safe as possible way, they will never be transferred to third parties.
  • 6.6 Data on donation transactions are saved and stored by the BuyCraft® platform and therefore outside of the responsibility of AncarNetwork and its staff.
  • 6.7 Most likely, a significant portion of server donations are reserved to a private fund which aims to achieve sardinian independence. Any affiliation with mass-buying of ex-yugoslavian weaponry is to be addressed as false, because we only import highest-quality Gheddafi era lybian armaments (jk).

Alignment Changing

Staff isn't allowed anymore to interfer in player's alignment. Players may decide to reset a specific faction align through /alignreset <faction>.

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