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Why is roleplay needed?

There are no in game advantages on using roleplay, other than the fact that it's better for everyone to play in a server without players called XXDickdestroyerXX. The roleplay chat provides you with a small space to develop your character, along with sharing experiences with or alongside other players.

How to access the roleplay chat

Go to the "lore discussion" chat on discord. There you can find the character guidelines as a pinned post.

Character card

If you want to have the permission to write in the roleplay chat, you have to write a character card in #lore_discussion , the lore-masters will proceed to scrutinise it and will decide if the character is good or not, and eventually will give some suggestions to improve it.

__Character Card__




Faction: (One of the factions that are in the server) REQUIRED

Culture: (Man, Elf, Maia, Dwarf, Orc, ... Basically the standard races) REQUIRED

Race: (This is the sub group of your race. For example, elves have Noldor, Sindar, Nandor, Avari) REQUIRED


Lifespan: (If it's not specified it will be the default lifespan of your race)

Religion:(One of the Recognized religions on the server - better if Iluvatarism or Melkorism)

Friends: (These are not necessary all of your friends, but only the friends that are in factions allied/neutral to yours)


Artifacts: (Current Server special artifacts, if you have a bound weapon, you can include that as well)

Starting location /Home:

Traits and personality:


  • Maiar: Immortal, can't be killed.
  • Elves: Immortal, can be brought back from the dead if their presence in middle earth is required (see Glorifindel)
  • Orcs: undefinied
  • Dwarves: 250-350 years
  • Dunedain / Numenoreans: 150-250 years
  • Hobbits: 100-120 years
  • Men: 70-80 years (if of a numenorean parentage it can go up to 100, not further)

Character aging is optional. You can do it, or don't. If you don't, try to avoid pieces of roleplay that are on that subject. There are also caveats and exceptions such as mixed races and special characters, which will be left for interpretation.

Intermarriages and half-something

As you may wonder: "Can I become an half elf?" Well, maybe. We are really cautious in allowing half elves, because they were abused in the past (basically everyone had at least an elven relative). The loremasters have to agree on the half-something character all togheter, so it's not easy. Note that half elves follow the rules that Tolkien established with Elros. So around 500 years of lifespan max.

Fifth Age

Half characters are possible only in cases of mixing humans and elves, such a character requires considerate effort put into that character's card and requires such a character to have a lineage to which roleplay already exists. Such a character may only be accepted if he/she receives a significant weak trait.

Another thing that we are not fond of is to declare to have "pure numenorean parentage". Your character will simply be allowed to live a couple of decades more than usual, at maximum, but not more than 300 years.

Forbidden intermarriages are:

  • Hobbit - Anything
  • Dwarf - Anything
  • Orc- Anything

Houses & standard characters

There are some characters, like Gandalf, nazguls, Sauron, etc... That are by default included in the roleplay chat, without the need of writing a character chard. However, you can't have a noble house with any of those inside.


Death is not reversible. Any character declared dead will stay dead. There are few ways to close definitely the last chapter of your story:

  • Write about their death and update your character card stating that the character is dead. The card will be unpinned and there will be no way to get it back. If you only write about his death, but you plan to bring him/her back, don't update the character card.
  • A long period of inactivity both in the server and in the Roleplay chat. This can be reversed only if staff approves it.
  • Creating a new character. The old one will be authomatically considered dead and you can't bring him/her back.

General Rules

If you will ever try to roleplay here you will find that the overseeing staff is more restrictive than the USSR with its political opponents, so check your roleplay points carefully, especially if they will conflict with established LOTR lore.

Here is a general list of infractions that shall cancel you faster than Acult declaring the independence of Sardinia(he will):

  1. Thou shall not write stupid messages. The chat is for roleplay, not for comments.
  2. Thou shall not write random stuff for your characters. This is a cleverly crafted world, not a generic fantasy with less inventiveness and coherence than a retard swiss clock maker with a passion for war.
  3. Thou shall not be astained from writing funny stories, even if they are funny only for you; but they have to be a satire of Middle Earth and its history.
  4. Thou shall not murder existent characters in lore giving them random traits.
  5. Thou shall not be an elf in mordor or an orc in lothlorien. The only real time that I ever saw an elf befriending Morgoth was Maeglin, and after the "small" incident when Sauron razed Eregion and destroied Numenor he can no more seduce nobody (not even the dwarves with shiny objects. And may I remind you that dwarves would kill a dragon to get shiny objects)
  6. Thou shall not commit blasphemy towards the religions in middle Earth. Only recognized cults are approved and talking about anything else than those or lotr religions is not allowed (in roleplay chat, in other chats you can do whatever you want with your religion).
  7. Thou shall not change the established rules that our god Tolkien carved in stone (the lotr book is heavier than a brick, let's say it).
  8. Thou shall not commit crimes against humanity saying "lore is dead" or "roleplay is useless". You are useless. Now go back to the shadow and let me finish reading the Sillmarillion for the 9th time, or you'll be dead as well.
  9. Thou shall not desire the character of another. Ask them before including them in your roleplay. Except if you only have to tell them something you will tell/already told him.
  10. Thou shall not write in other languages except English. Elven, orcish, Dwarven, etc... are permitted. Even if I know you all pretend to understand them, at least they are languages in Middle Earth.

Hardcore roleplay

Since many things are removed from the original idea of roleplay, here's a way to spice up your experience. Hardcore roleplay includes many features that will make you think about your actions in game:

  1. Now your character can die of old age. Following the server calendar (1 week = 1 year), your character will die at the end of the lifespan
  2. You can die in battle! If you are killed in battle, or even out of a battle, you can pay either pay a sum to your killer (basically it's like if he captured you and you paid a ransom to get free) or you will be injured! At the third injury your character will die (except if wielding special artifacts that will have, between their effects, the "roleplay heal #" in their description. The number means how many injuries you can recover before losing the artifact).
  3. You will get double reward for events (if not unique item, like a special weapon), and you will have a shiny new tag on discord to show that you got balls.

Remember that "Hardcore" roleplay is completely optional, but you can make us know it by adding the mention @RealRoleplayer to the end of your character card on discord. Lifespan and age are required if you want to be an hardcore roleplayer.