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Lore History[]

The Rohirrim trace their Descendants to the ancient Kingdom of Rhovanion, which was destroyed a long Time ago by the Easterlings. When they still lived in the Vales of Anduin, Gondor was attacked by the Balchoth and they have helped them in a great Battle at the Fields of Celebrant and a great Friendship was forged during that Time, thus the Gondorians gave them the Territories of Calenardhon, which are now known as Rohan. They proclaimed an Alliance and everytime when Gondor needed Aid, they sent a Rider bearing the red Arrow (Beacons in the Movies) to signalize them. During the Third Age, the Wizard Saruman, Lord of Isengard has put a spell on Théoden, the King of Rohan and thus he was his Mind-Slave. A while later, Gandalf the White and his Company have come to Edoras, where Théoden was then healed by him, and so he bannished Grima Wormtounge, a Traitor and Spy of Saruman. Not so long after, Saruman sent a Force of 10,000 Uruk-Hai to destroy the Rohirrim, which lead to them moving to the Fortress of Helm's Deep, where after a long and bloody Battle, which the Rohirrim have nearly lost, but Gandalf arrived with Aid, they recieved a Rider of Gondor, bearing the red Arrow. And so they rode to Gondor, where they fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields where Théoden was slain by the Witch-King's Fell Beast, who was later slain by Théoden's Niece, Éowyn, but they have still triumphed. The remaining Rohirrim marched with Aragorn Elessar II and the Gondorians to the Black Gate where they have fought Sauron's Forces, in the End coming out victorious, due to the One Ring getting destroyed in Mount Doom.


Kings of Rohan (FO)

  • SiDeus
  • Eomer (tuonobotto)
  • Elfwine (Fvaltrock)
  • Fengelein (Fvaltrock)

Kings of Rohan (5TH AGE)

  • Éomer (DoggyGameNL) 10/08/2020 - 25/10/2021
  • Corthain (tehinator) 25/10/2021 - now


  1. First Marshal (need +1500 aligment) - Available
  2. Second Marshal (need +1500 aligment) - Available
  3. Third Marshal (need +1500 aligment) - Available
  4. Chief Advisor (Right hand of the King; strategic, diplomatic and economic knowlegdes; choose by the king) -Available
  5. Advisor (choose by the Chief Advisor and the King) - Available
  6. General - Available
  7. Captain - Available
  8. Shieldmaiden (only for girls/ladies) - Available
  9. Lord - Available
  10. Soldier - Available