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! This faction, which once was part of our server, no longer exist. Only the stories remain about it.

Motive: This faction no longer exist, due to inactivity


The Tale of Exiles[]

Template:FactionAfter they lost the battle at Fornost, most of the Dúnedain retreated to Lindon, but some of them stayed and continued resisting. The Witch-king expelled them from Eriador, so the the Dúnedain went south. They built city Deepwater in Eriador near a river, and just like the old Numenors they liked water. Their kingdom was named "Riverlands" due to this aforementioned aspect. During Wainrider's invasion of Gondor, General Adrahil from Anórien was patrolling in North-West Gondor. Upon call for help from Rohan, he came near Grimslade. But when passing through the woods, his army was engaged by the abhorrent Dunlendings. His son and nearly all of his army was slain during the ambush. Accompanied by two dozen soldiers he managed to escape, but he was unable to return to his homeland. Journeying Northwest to Minhiriath General Adrahil found the city of Deepwater. He stayed in the city until Gondor called him to service. The King of Deepwater, Arveleg II, granted him food and mounts. Adrahil gifted the "Sword of Brotherhood" to Arveleg II feeling indebted. Adrahil became the Lord of Anórien soon after. The bond between the two grew ever stronger. Riverlands and Anórien announced themselves as "Archaic Friends". Any person in Anórien who seeks adventure or new lands emigrated to Deepwater. This intermixing led to a fusion of the two peoples. Today the Lord of Anórien and the King of the Riverlands are brothers.


King- Valandil (Szymon_428)

High General- ?

Assistant- ?

Empire- Dúnedain Empire


  • Fort Swordfish (Restoration needed)
  • Deepwater- 70%