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Rivendell was a sub-faction of the High Elves.

Rivendell reached the rank of faction in the beginning of 2019, when King Klimmesil allowed Maglor (Molo97) to rule alongside him the High elves of Lindon and Rivendell

After Maglor (Molo97) left, the throne of Rivendell was taken over by Glorfindel (MainTeemoTank), of which afterwards Glorfindel left the throne of Rivendell to Hyperion (Lincoln415) who was killed in combat, leaving the throne for his son Dalinar (Lincoln415). There is currently no ruler of Rivendell.


The History of Rivendell - Region Spotlight

Territory and Location[]

Rivendell is West of the Misty Mountains. They currently control the territory from Rivendell down to Eregion. They own four cities, Rivendell. Eden cuil, Eredris and Lothern. There are four forts currently built: Barad Iaur, Darmaeth, Amdir Narathan, and Dagor Gorthad.


Imladris was first created by Elrond, after the fall of Eregion. The real location is unknown, and it was ruled by the king of Lindon for a long time. Maglor Feanorion (Molo97), decided to rebuild the Eregion, and started colonizing the area. He rebuilt the majestic Ost-In-Edhil, and he's planning to buy it and move the capital there.


  • Brannon/ Brennil (Lord), 2000+ alignment, grants the control of a region, grants a seat in the council
  • Loremaster (Council member), 2000+ alignment and a deep knowledge of the Legendarium, grants the title of Loremaster and a seat in the council.
  • Keeper of secret, 1000+ alignment, High elf or Rivendell elf, grants you the possibility to see Rivendell
  • Eregion Smith, 700 - 1500, good knowledge of the Legendarium and good

Special ranks[]

  • Lord of Rivendell (radar), 2500+ alignment, grants a special mithril set of weapons and armour
  • Lord of Eregion (King Maglor, -----), 2000+ alignment, grants a special set


Since its first days, Rivendell partecipated in two wars and many raids. At the beginning King Maglor(Molo97) and Lord Hyperion(Lincoln415) were the bulk of the army.

The War in the south[]

"The taurethrim were defeated once, near ... Shaman Pah. We could slip through the Morwaith territory and reach the Taurethrim army."                                                                                                                                                Report of the first battle to King Maglor

The first battle saw a clear defeat of the ill-trained forces of the Taurethrim against the Morwaith. Maglor decided to help the forest people, with him Lord Hyperion, and a mixed force of Northern and Southern dunedain. He choose the place to make their last stand on an high hill, surrounded by the forest and with a river on one side. The battle turned into a slaughter at the expense of the attackers; Maglor and Hyperion alone killed half of the enemy commanders, with many more tribesmen falling to the swords of the elves and dunedain.

The First war for Adornland[]

The war started to reconquer the lost western part of Rohan. The Southern Dúnedain Empire asked for help to the Forodhrim Ardhin, and thus Maglor, with Hyperion, King Klimmesil, King Legolas (Ceryusbusiness) and Ostarion (AAZZAA) joined the attackers.

The Elven led force came from the north, joining the army of the SDE. Scouts reported of a small number of enemies on their tracks, so they all agreed to engage. The reports were far from reality: a Huge uruk and troll army faced them, and before they could even consider their options, the enemies fell on them.

The trolls charged into their center, smashing through elves and men, killing most of the Gondorian-Rohirric host. Hyperion and Klimmesil were badly injured, and Radarion was wounded trying to protect them. Maglor was cut off from the main army, but managed to rally the left flank and repelled two attacks with Lord Anardil and King Elfwine. 

Eventually, the Trolls were driven away, the uruks repelled, but the army of the Free folks was scattered and leaderless. After some time they managed to gather again with Prince Falan, Hexnethor , King Legolas and Lord Eradan. Nobody knew the fate of the istar Radagast. The forces of Saruman gathered once again to struck into the small army of the survivors, but a strong barrage of arrows prevented them to achieve victory. After long and endless minutes, the bodies of the fallen trolls covered most of the battlefied, filled with arrows. When they saw their enemy strongly diminished, Prince Falan and Lord Elfwine tried to kill the remaining enemy captain, but Elfwine was badly wounded fighting with Vendetta.

Third War For Adornland[]

"Hexnethor was among the first fallen, Falan followed him swiftly. I don't really remember when Eradan died, but it was before we started to retreat and before Aelandil and another gondorian died. Then Anardil fell as welll."

-King Maglor on the battle

The war started when Isengard, lead by Saruman(KeyLime), launched an invasion to reconquest the lost provinces in Adornland. The Federation sent a small force of veterans including Maglor (Molo97) and Legolas (CeryusBusiness).

The Isengard-Mordor side was more numerous and the battle seemed hard to win. Initially the gondorian army held a small fort close by, but King Hexnethor sallied out when the attackers were apparently dispersed.

Most of the defenders failed to follow him; confusion reigned supreme in the ranks of the free folks and by the time they realised the extent of their error, Hexnethor was already driven out of the battlefield and injured, alongside Aelandil (termix11), MROZIU and Prince Falan (MarsonX) of Dol Amroth.

Seeing his side diminished by a strong half, Maglor took the command and struck at the back of the army - he personally defeated mage557, Witchking (HogoBojo) and Grima(Emerald_Minestar), but Lord Eradan(PotatoRekt41) fell to the enemy and a general retreat was called.

Divided and pursued, the situation looked hopeless for the small army of the survivors, but King Fengel (Fvaltrock) bolstered the morale of the free folks and refused to flee. Nonetheless, even Lord Anardil (Mati_29) was defeated and the ranks of the defenders wore thin.

The turning point was when the nazgul Vendetta(Vendetta_V) was defeated by King Legolas, and Maglor, with the help of him and Fengel regained the control of the battlefield, Maglor defeated Saruman and Sauron was defeated by Maglor and Legolas at the top of the fort, while Fengel killed the last orc commander.



The actual location of Rivendell is hidden, and only few know where it is. Situated in a vale, the settlement lacked walls and was relatively insignificant in size. With those two factors in mind, King Maglor wanted to change the capital, to host his people now rejuvenated after a long period of struggle.

Barad Iaur[]

Barad Iaur is a fort steeped in history and established in antiquity; built right after the fall of Eregion, it was founded to guard the southern part of the realm of Imladris. It was overrun after a long siege by the forces of Sauron, but king Maglor restored it due to its excellent defensive position and control over the surrounding area.


With a growing city, inhabited by dunedain and elves, the fort was the place where the small dunedain population retired if consistent raids plagued the region. Originally it was made after the attack on North Dunedains by Gondor. The king of Lindon decided to house some of the refugees to protect them.

Amdir Narathan[]

A fort of the times that saw Celebrimbor forging the rings.Its garrison was dispersed after the falling of Eregion, but King Maglor restored the fort.

Eden Cuil[]

The city stands in a deep forest, protected by the tall trees from the sight of unfriendly eyes. It's the new center of the elves in the region, and preludes to the movement of the capital from Imladris to Ost-In-Edhil.


The Old capital of Eregion, it has been restored by Maglor. Currently under a massive reconstruction. It's one of the key cities of the Forodhrim Ardhin.


A city in the surroundings of Rivendell. It has been built by Lord Hyperion (Lincoln415)


Eredris is an elven city built by Eregion refugees under command of Eregion smith Radarion, after the fall of Eregion at the year 1697 of the second age. Local elves are famous for their knowledge of blacksmithing and mining.Now, after king Maglor reclaimed Eregion, part of the population have decided to leave the city and travel back to their homeland, but for most, who saw horrors when Eregion fell, the grief was still too big.

Dagor Gorthad[]

Dagor Gorthad (Battle barrow) is the fort located between Swanfleet and Eregion. The place marks the last stand of a general of the Eregion elves, who was ambushed by Sauron's forces in the war of the Elves and Sauron. The fort is located not far from the road, and has been built to protect the travellers from the frequent orc bands that wander in the area. Currently, no lord holds the fort.

Garth Mentir[]

the Old Watchtower that looked on the Old elven way to Ost-In-Edhil was there from the beginning of Eregion. On a

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steep hill, watched on the road day and night. Seeing it's good location, Maglor decided to fortify the place and surrounded the tower with two levels of walls. This fort is probably one, if not the one, of the hardest to take in a direct assault. This fort isn't hold by any lord.