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The Ring of the House of Andúnië was a ring carried by the Lords of Andúnië, the well-known and well-respected nobles of Númenor, descendants from Valandil.

Andúnië was a very important port city on the western coast of Númenor, where the Númenóreans received their elven friends from Tol Eressëa. The elves often brought gifts with them; this happened before the shadow fell over Númenor. Andúnië became a haven of the Elf-friends, who also known as The Faithful.

As the mistrust of the Faithful and the Valar grew, the locals of Andúnië would welcome the Elves only in secret. With the shadow falling further upon Númenor and it's people, Armenelos (the largest city of Númenor) became much larger and more important than Andúnië.

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Ring of the House of Andúnie