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"Proud are the words, and all there turned to see the jewels green that burned in Beren's ring. These Gnomes had set as eyes of serpents twined that met, beneath a golden crown of flower, that one upholds and one devours: the badge that Finrod made of yore and Felagund his son now bore." - J.R.R Tolkien's verse of the Ring.

The Ring of Barahir was an ornate silver ring what was given to Barahir by the Elven King Finrod Felagund.

He gave the ring thanking him for saving his life in Dagor Bragollach. It was a sign of eternal friendship between Finrod and the House of Barahir. Later it became the heirloom of his kin.

The Ring is described as the likeness of two serpents intertwined with eyes made of green jewels. This was the symbol of the House of Finarfin. The serpents met beneath a crown of golden flowers that one upheld and one devoured. The most unique about this ring are the green jewels, who were crafted in Valinor and sometimes it seemed to even burn green fire.

Note: This item is required to complete the Set of Finrod Felagund

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Ring of Barahir