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Rhúdel is the home of the Easterlings. Rhûdel is one of the many factions in the Dark Legion. Rhudel is prosperous and is an advanced civilization, being able to make bombs that spit out fire. They are loyal to Sauron but are not evil in nature. 


In the Third Age, Rhûdel was not necessarily a single, united kingdom, per se. It was more of a collection of tribes and clans, whose Easterlings (known by some as Swertings) roamed the Palisor. However, Khamul the Great, one of the Nazgul, became king of the Easterlings, and the Rhunic state would later on be formed. However, after their long wars against the Free Peoples, after losing at the Pelennor Fields, the Black Gate and Dale, the peoples of Rhûdel were subjugated by King Elessar of Gondor after Sauron was defeated.

In the Fourth Age, Sauron returned. Rhûdel was ruled by Khamûl (McGyver), and after his long absence, the new young Easterling known as Vegen took it upon himself to claim the throne of Rhûdel. Later on, a young and ambitious Easterling named Mîkaïl became ruler of Mistrand, and thus King of Rhûdel, the Land of the Golden. The many tribes of Rhudel were scattered and apart again, however, and so it took him some years to regain control of the lands. However, his conflict and reunification of the East-Lands won him prestige and helped him establish him as a loyal servant of Sauron. 


Rhûdel is mainly inhabited by Easterlings, Easterlings are the same race as Men, from those who live there they all share one thing in common and that's having manners no matter rich or poor.

Economical Information[]

The king of Rhûdel is among the richest on the Land of Arda, Rhûdel has a stable economy which comes from their lands and allies, Rhûdel makes sure that every citizen can grow financially. Aside from that, their location between the Red Mountains and the rest of Middle-Earth makes their land an excellent trade point, which when coupled with their vast supply of Gold, forms a very formidable economy when utilized correctly. In theory, a trade route goes like this: Metals and Weapons from the Dwarven Mines to the East head to the cities of Bazylan and Karslan, where they are exchanged for Gold. The Dwarves continue heading for Mistrand, where they unload more metal and weapons for the King of Rhudel, recieving more Gold and food and eventually they head out of Rhudel through the Golden Ford and into the fertile lands of Dorwinion. Beyond that, they sell much-needed Gold resources to western lands and return the way they came, buying food supplies in exchange for foreign goods from Gondor and further out. In this way, the lands of Rhudel are filled with goods from all countries, and besides the Dwarves many other peoples also sell their goods in these lands, rienforcing the economy even further.

Social/Cultural Information[]

The Easterlings have adopted the Asian/Turkish culture these can be seen in the building style and their way of life. Easterlings are straightforward and are not shy of any requests and demands. They are highly civilized and have built up opulent cities full of well-to-do people, and are a beacon of civility not seen otherwise in those lands, save for the former lands of Dorwinion. Their culture, being mixed and blended constantly by the forces struggling for control, has become a rich and varied one, despite keeping their basic cultural heritage and roots.

Ecological Information[]

Rhûdel has alot of nature, Rhûdel has the most Almond, Date and Flowers of all the other kingdoms, Rhûdel also has an exclusive fruit that only grow there; the Pomegranates , they have many tree orchids, they are home to many animals and one of them are the Kine of Araws.

Mining in Rhûdel is worth your time, Gold is common in the hills of Rhûdel.


King/Khagan/Sultan Name AKA From Till
Khaganate McGyver Khamûl ??? December 2018
King Vegen Mîkaïl December 2018 February 2019
King AlmightyNilsje Nils May 2019 September 2019
King Vegen Mîkaïl September 2019 December 2019
King Antistarlord Ren December 2019 June 2020
Overlord Xavron Khazîr June 2020 July 2020
King CMPUCK Khamûl August 2020 October 2020
Overlord Xavron Khamûl October 2020 December 2020
Warlord bluekiller87 Khamûl February 2021 March 25, 2022
King Emerald_Minestar Alfalfa Bill March 26, 2022 Present

Sphere of Influence[]

King Mîkaïl (Vegen) expanded his Dominion beside expanding land, King Vegen's influence streches far into Harad: Nomad Haradrims and Gulflings of Harad. The house of Rhûdel is still expanding its reach.

After a long period of calmth within the borders of the Golden Lands, Khazîr (Xavron) took his men to the Golden Lands and has great plans for the faction. His first step was to succesfully claim Kingship and after a while he proclaimed himself as Overlord of Rhúdel. Whilst being the ruler, he has great plans for his faction which are only known to his inner circle.

Overlord Khazîr has seen many great battles and many fear him. Beside being the Overlord, he is a Warlord many fear to face head on which is why he wants the best warriors for his kingdom. He is not only interested in warriors, all who have a devoted will to aid the Great Eastern Kingdom shall be accepted and rewarded. 

Overlord Khazîr asks only 3 things to his people: Devotion, Reliable & most important Loyalty.

Gruppenfuhrer (bluekiller87) stays on path of evil in great empire of SA together with Mordor. Focusing on getting influence in the west, staying neutral with Dorwinion and Dale, for now.

After the Empire of Servants of Sauron (SS) fell apart, Khamûl became very disgruntled with fellow members and leaders in the new Republic of Mordor (ROM). Alfalfa Bill took Khamûl's place shortly thereafter.


Location of king's settlement depends on each king. For example Gruppenfuhrer Khamûl is reconstructing capital city of Rhúnost for himself to rule from there. There are also few fiefdoms around Rhúdel, which were reunited and reorganised by Khamûl. And these are:


Capital: Ashen Ford

Ambalathrad is the south-western fiefdom of Rhúdel, inhabited by the dreaded raiders of the Easterlings. The untamed warriors joined Warlord last. Their territory is still growing, but it is very vulnerable, so its inhabitants are still alerted and always ready to fight.


Capital: Karslan

Formerly known as Chu State, which fell into ruins after the king disappeared. Adûnain is the largest and strongest fiefdom of Rhudel. This country was united by a new king. The people of Adûnain are war elites but also master builders, the noblest people of the East.


Capital: Bazylan

The people of Bazylan used to be criminals and mobsters. They were noble but had dark secrets. However, when Warlord Khamûl entered their territory and executed 5 men on the spot, they all retreated and surrendered to his power. Khamûl then united this fiefdom and the North rose again

Provinces, Landscape & Location:[]


Former layout of Rhûdel

Rhúdel is a faction touching the Sea of Rhûn. It borders Dorwinion. Like Dorwinion, they also have lush biomes. Rhûdel owns the following provinces: 400, 399, 398, 397, 396, 394, 393, 298, 229.