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Some players made the history of the server. Some others are still part of the server nowadays. Their actions shaped the server in such a way that few can match. This page was started by Molo97 ages ago but not much has been done on it since. So HogoBojo will edit it when he gets the chance too, so stay tuned.


Acult is the owner of the server. He first started in the Dwarves, then changed to the Vala role. His love for Middle earth and history can lead to an improvised lesson for the lucky ones who are online. He constantly keeps an eye on the server, more in a passive way in these days than before. He is probably the most knowledgeable regarding Tolkien Legendarium, and an expert of Sardinian history.


"Saruman? Who is Saruman, one of the hobbits?"


The Co-Owner of the server, he used to play on the server when it first came out but now a days he mostly sticks to the development side of the server. He was the first Saruman on the server, he also started from as a Dwarf like acult. He was inactive for a long while, but is starting to come on more and more.

Riccardicus, aka KingFundin

Riccardicus started in 2016, as a Dwarf. He was swiftly promoted though the ranks of Staff and Durin's Folk. He became king of Durin's folk and the first Builder. His builds are all over Middle earth: Dain's halls, Scatha's Lair and most importantly, Khazad dum, the biggest city on the server. He contributed to Minas Tirith, Eilenach, Rivendell, Edoras, Helm's Deep and many more builds. He was active even in wars and raids. He helped fighting the first invasion of Sauron (Lukereds), invaded Dol Guldur with the help of the Elves and Men. He disappeared from the server two times. Now, he is currently not active, and nobody knows when or if he will return.


"If I will leave the server? Never. Acult gave me the opportunity to become a builder. Even if I sucked at it."


Molo97 started to play in the early 2016. He chose almost without thinking to play as a Silvan Elf. Initially he started to build a city in the Woodland realm, gathering lots of players players in one area. He created a city lived in by players and only npcs. He became King within a few weeks of joining and he asked many times to become Builder, but he was preceded by Riccardicus. Nonetheless, acult gave him a chance and told to him to prove his skill building a room in Dain's halls. After he became a builder, acult gave him his first real task which was to build Ost-in-Edhil.


"We're going to build a wall city!"

-Molo97 on everything

He wasn't up to the task, and it can be seen clearly today: even if he's trying to rebuild Ost-In-Edhil, most of the city is a copy-paste of buildings with not much beauty and it has some real horrors. Nevertheless, he slowly perfected his work and it culminated in Thranduil's Halls, which he started in the Summer of 2016. Only few elements were kept by Molo when he decided to rebuild it; it's noteworthy to mention the entrance room and the library, or the treasure room at the far east of the city. He thought that he wasn't a good builder, and thinks that many have better building skills than him. However, acult kept him despite his work, a thing that Molo97 remembers well and appreciates.

He built Ost-In-Edhil, Thranduil's Halls, Finrodil, Paths of the deads, Grey Heavens, Barad-dur, and Minas Morgul. He contributed to Eilenach, Minas Tirith, Dain's halls, Rivendell, Edoras, Helm's Deep, Dale, and Dunharrow. His most notable works are the entrance of Thranduil's halls, the palace of Grey Heavens and Finrodil, that is hidden in Dorwinion and was thought as the first real-sized city.

History as a player

"Ah, yes, I remember those days, when it was all countryside here"

-Molo97 on Minas Tirith

Molo97 is one of the oldest players in the server. He started as a Silvan Elf and his rule lasted for two years, then he became Gandalf, but that only lasted a few weeks. After that, he switched to Mordor and promoted the idea of a united Empire for all the evil factions. He became the King of Gundabad for a short while, but then he decided to come back as the King of the Silvan elves. He created then the Federation of the Elves, that escalated in a federation of united free folks. After the federation of free folks was disbanded, he managed to unite most of the realms in the North and the East. He abdicated in favor of CeryusBusiness and established the Rivendell sub-faction. He personally thinks that he is a skilled diplomat, a decent bowman and builder, and one of the worse melee fighters. Maybe this is the reason because he prefers to win wars with words and not battles. He fought in many wars and helped acult on many occasions to improve the server.

Distinctive traits

"Lore is dead? After I've found you, we will see who is really dead"

-Molo97 on people who claim that lore is useless

When he builds he is totally absorbed in his work, and he will not answer you or read the chat. Unless provoked he's usually friendly and he is easily scared by the presence of others. His long history on the server and the knowledge of the works of Tolkien are remarkable, as acult he could rant on history and lore of Middle Earth, so beware of him if you say something that you didn't double check. His consciousness of the surrounding area is nonexistent, so taking him by surprise is really easy. He usually can be found in the cities he's building or in the Misty Mountains, where he built his home, Narg-Rakhas, when he was a Nazgûl. Even if he spent much time on the server, and is probably the poorest player. He usually get his more powerful items from friends or his chests filled with the few items remaining from his firsts days in the server. After he switched to High Elves, his current house is unknown (many thinks it's somewhere in Eregion).