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Feature added with the Rebellions update, it's core principal is allowing a faction which has conquered all the lands of another faction to chose what happens to that land.

First thing's first, you have to conquer every last province of an enemy kingdom, after that you as the leader of a faction may start a query on either the release or subjugation of a faction.

Subjugating a Faction

Subjugating or absorbing a faction, is one of the two options possible after starting the query. Subjugating a faction will allow a kingdom to use the subjugated faction's armor and troops in war (As well as other empire members of the same race).

Required Gained
Take all provinces. Ability to use faction armor

and troops in war. Ability to

modify relations.

After subjugating a faction a faction may start a query in which they can release the faction if they so wish.

Armor and units, are limited to the same race only. (If an Elven faction subjugates a orcish one, they cannot use their armor and troops)

Relations for High Elves & Mordor cannot get modified in any case.

Releasing a Faction

Releasing a faction is one of the two possible options after starting the query. Releasing a faction has more parameters than subjugating so a tabular view will explain it easier.

Releasing a Faction Tabular View
Option Requirement Achievement Consequences
Release All land Release a faction without any set king Anyone may become king within

any time period, only way to annex is to conquer.

Release as Vassal All land, Pay 1 CP Release a faction with a set regent

(Has 1 week to claim kingship)

Regent has 1 week to claim kingship of the faction,

If a rebellion is started in the newly formed faction,

the regent and the rebels fight a rebellion, the victor becomes king.

NOTE: A faction, once released starts off with only 1 province, if released as vassal it can bargain with the overlord faction

in order to regain core provinces. If both sides agree, every core province can be taken. You are required to build

a village in each province and pay 1 CP for each province taken.