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The Red Dwarves in the Orocarni, officially known as the Orocarni Imperium, is a state in the far eastern end of Middle-Earth, controlling much of the Red Mountains from the Forodwaith in the north down to the Wild Wood to the south, with a small independent enclave about three-quarters of the day down. Despite being large in its own right, the Orocarni Imperial is significantly smaller than its Longbeard counterparts to the west by a fair margin; however, it is the largest far-eastern faction by far. The state is primarily populated by dwarves from the Blacklock and Stonefoot clans, along with several minority dwarven clans scattered across the Orocarni. Its capital is situated in the delving of Rjothall.

Fifth Age History[]

Affiliation with Nethul

The Dwarves of the Orocarni often switched between good and evil, and the Bragolmor did not change that; sometime after the long winter induced by the Bragolmor, the Blacklocks and Stonefoots ventured out of their mountain-halls after almost a century in isolation. Weakened economically and militarily by hiding away in their halls, along with having lost the majority of their influence and power over the years, the Red Dwarves were forced to seek help from without - they soon found it, harsh as it was, in a pact with the Blood Empire of Nethul. The Nethul were brutal and savage easterlings as far as the Dwarves were concerned, but they had little choice but to join their ever-growing domain in the hopes of regaining their lost glory. It didn't take too long for the Blood Empire to slip into decline, however, and the Nethul soon lost control of their empire, liberating the Orocarni from their hold. After their independence, the Red Dwarves continued to exist in some form or another, but devolved into infighting and clan warfare.

The Reign of Tranun Blacklock

The Dwarves of the Orocarni were once again reunited under the rule of the Blacklock clan after a arduous and deadly war of unification. Brutally efficient, the Clan-Leader of the Blacklocks, Tranun, waged a campaign against his rivals with extreme prejudice, sacking the halls that resisted his advance and destroying any vestige of resistance in the Orocarni Upon full unification in VA 191, Tranun declared himself the Uzbad of the Orocarni Imperium, forming a new sovereign state in the region.

Fourth Age History[]

The Red Dwarves were added as part of the Forodrim Ardhin by HOSTIS, while TheBetaOwl still commanded Khazâdul II.

After the civil war of the Dwarves, HOSTIS took over the throne of the Reformed Khazâdul Empire then Vernon assumed the throne of the Red Dwarves, and he often tried to remove the Red Dwarves from the FA so they could enter the dwarven empire; the High King of the FA has repeatedly refused the exit.

In the year 438 of the Fourth Age, the kingship over the Orocarni has been claimed by Dumur (Lukaslop2315), as the kingdom was left without a king. The new king then proceed to join the Great Rhûnic Empire, thus creating an alliance with Wainriders. His rulership over the kingdom had been short lived however, as just two years later, in year 440 he abandoned the Red Mountains and the kingship was quickly claimed by a dwarf lord named Tharraes (Ravannn).

In the year 446 the Dwarves of Orocarni stopped aligning themselves with the Emperor residing in Balcaras, thus the Red Dwarves had left the Great Rhûnic Empire. This separation didn't last long however, as in the same year the Orocarni Dwarves had reunited with the empire.