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The Recognized Structures are all those buildings which have passed a staff-based recognition process with successive registration in-game. In order to be eligible for approval by a member of staff, a Recognized Structure has to meet specific requirements tailored to making them 'liveable'. Upon recognition, staff will create a faction-wide teleport in the designated center of the structure. Races other than Dwarven and Orcish cannot build in mountains or own mountain provinces!. (Erebor, Misty mountains, Blue mountains, Angmar mountains, Grey mountains, Iron hills and White mountains). Use common sense.

General rules which involve the structures recognition may be found in Server Rules page.

There are two types of structures: Civil Settlements and Military Bases.

Civil Settlements

Note: Dwarven and Orcish settlements can be build underground

Settlements are required for provinces colonization. According to their size, there are different tiers of Settlements.

All settlements owned by a specific faction are displayed in-game through /fa holding <faction> cmd, in alternative you can access the /fa prov <faction> gui, select a province and display all existing recognized structures within it.

On slot-click within the /fa prov <faction> gui, you can teleport to the selected structure if your faction ranks allows so. (Civil-TP permission is required)

WIP, Info about Settlements, settlement tiers (i.e village growth),

Tier I Civil Settlement Requirements (Village)

  • 6x Houses
  • 1x Specialist building
  • 1x Trading place
  • 1x Resource gathering building
  • 1x Food source
  • Water source
  • Roads between structures

Tier II Civil Settlement Requirements (Town)

  • 12x Houses
  • 2x Specialist building
  • 2x Trading place
  • 2x Resource gathering building
  • 2x Food source
  • Water source
  • Roads between structures

Tier III Civil Settlement Requirements (City)

  • 16x Houses
  • 3x Specialist building
  • 3x Trading place
  • 3x Resource gathering building
  • 3x Food source
  • Water source
  • Roads between structures

Building examples

Specialist building
  • Smith
  • Stonemason
  • Armoury
  • Butcher
  • Tavern
  • Brewery
  • Carpenter
  • Jeweller
  • Baker
  • Weaver
  • Stables
  • Cloth-maker
  • Tanner
  • Siege Equipment Manufactory
  • Doctor
  • If in a biome which spawns enemy units -- Barracks
  • Spa
  • Field Kitchen
  • Treasure Trove
Trading place examples
  • Market stalls
  • Shop
Resource gathering buildings examples
  • If in a hill biome -- Mineshaft, Quarry
  • If in/near a forest -- Logging camp, Lumberman's hut
  • If on plains -- Granary, Windmill
  • If a vineyard is present -- Brewery
Food source examples
  • Farmlands (filled)
  • Orchard (There must be at least a division between rows of trees).
  • If near water -- Fisherman's hut.
  • If in/near a forest -- Hunter's camp/hut.
  • If the climate is adequate -- Vineyard
  • If on plains -- Fenced Animal Corral (With Animals inside)
  • If suited for Faction's lore -- Slave Cages (in place of Animal Corral)

Military Bases

NOTE: Any building that is deemed to chessy or abusable will not be recognized! (Use common sense and historical examples)

NOTE2: If Dwarves or Orcs wish to make military structure in mountains they need to be underground

This type of recognized structure refers to military encampments, castles and forts, used for sieges and available for teleport even during war, through the /fa tp cmd (Note, your faction rank requires the Military-TP permission).

Tier I Military Base Requirements (Outpost)

  • 1x Barrack
  • 1x Command Posts
  • 1x Supply Depot
  • 1x Mess Hall
  • 1x Watchtower
  • 1x Gatehouse
  • Water Source
  • Roads between structures

Tier II Military Base Requirements (Fort)

  • 3x Barracks
  • 1x Armory
  • 2x Command Posts
  • 1x Supply Depot
  • 1x Mess Hall
  • 2x Watchtowers
  • 1x Gatehouse
  • 1x Training Ground
  • 1x Stable
  • Water Source
  • Roads between structures

Tier III Military Base Requirements (Citadel)

  • 6x Barracks
  • 3x Armory
  • 2x Command Posts
  • 2x Supply Depots
  • 3x Mess Halls
  • 4x Watchtowers
  • 2x Gatehouses
  • 2x Training Grounds
  • 2x Stables
  • 1x Keep
  • 1x Guardroom
  • 1x Chapel
  • 1x Prison/Dungeon
  • 1x Workshop
  • 1x Hospital/Infirmary
  • Water Source
  • Roads between structures

Build examples:

  • Barrack - Living quarters for soldiers
  • Command Post - Serves as the headquarters for military leadership and planning
  • Supply Depot - Stores general supplies, including food, medical supplies, and other logistics
  • Mess Hall - Facility for preparing and serving meals to soldiers
  • Watchtower - Provides a vantage point for observing the surrounding area
  • Gatehouse - Fortified entrance to the settlement, controlling access and serving as a first line of defense
  • Armory - Stores weapons, armor, and military equipment
  • Training Ground -  Designated area for training soldiers in combat techniques and tactics
  • Stable - Facility for housing horses used by knights and messengers
  • Keep - The central stronghold and last line of defense, housing important leadership and critical resources
  • Guardroom - Rooms near strategic points where guards can rest and be ready for duty
  • Chapel - Place with sacred relics and historical artifacts
  • Prison/Dungeon - Secure area for holding prisoners and important captives
  • Workshop - Areas where blacksmiths, carpenters, and other craftsmen work to maintain and repair equipment
  • Hospital/Infirmary - Hospitals with surgical theaters and intensive care units