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What is a Raid

A raid is considered any attack except war battles/official duels and events. It can happen at any moment and you can lose every item (Except bounds) you have in your inventory.

It is highly recommend to record raids so if people accuse you of hacking/glitching you have clear evidence they did / you didn't. Recording becomes a need when you're going to enter inside an enemy base to commit a raid, so any accuse against you would be nulled. In order to record, any software is good (for ex. OBS, Bandicam, Hypercam and such..)


Make sure to have read the Server Rules before executing any kind of raid. This is highly recommended.

Raids are considered illegal when you get raided by someone while you're in your 3 day newbie-protection (Rule 1.15). The player who raided you has to return your items and if he refuses to do so, you have the right to report him, and he will be punished.

Raids are also considered illegal when hacks / server glitches have been used during the raid. If someone lost their items to a cheater, their items have to be given back. Examples:

  • Entering players' houses/bases by getting through walls/windows/etc using mounts.
  • Entering via gates using /back while they are closed.
  • Any kind of way by getting in without going through blocks

Items allowed

You can use any items you want in a raid, though keep in mind that you can lose every item you would have on yourself. Remember that the other rules apply on raids, so always check the Gameplay Rules


Inside a Raid, Battalion Rules are applied. Keep in mind that each player can bring only one army, composed by units of his faction.

If you don't follow these rules, items have to be returned.

Escaping A Raid

It is legal to escape a raid by any means, such as teleportation or secret tunnels, so long as it does not involve griefing in any form, exploiting bugs and/or cheats. It is however illegal to escape raids by flying away.

Likewise it is legal to conduct a raid by any means, so long as it does not involve griefing in any form, exploiting bugs and glitches, hacking or flying.

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