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This page hosts a complete list of all existing Pirate crews and all their recognized structures (which may involve Harbors, Cities, Castles and Islands)

Pirate Crews

After your crew got officially recognized, you need to add it in the following table.

Name Captain Date of recognition
United States of Belegaer DeadK4t 5/4/2023
<crew name> <name> <date>

Piracy Holdings

Any official pirate owned recognized structure needs to be added in this list.

The Holding Type refers to the type of recognized structure: Fortified Harbor, City, Castle, Small Harbor (only archipelagos)

Crew Name Holding Type Holding Name Province Coords Date of Recognition
United States of Belegaer Village Tolmond 167 57121 70 85015 4/6/2023
United States of Belegaer Village Umbaltimore Islands west of Umbar 12125 72 128116 30/6/2023
United States of Belegaer Fortress Minas Ulundo Islands west of Umbar 12161 68 128152 30/6/2023