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The Pirate is a player who doesn't recognize any authority and sails in the Seas. He's judged a bandit by all Kingdoms, but this doesn't mean he necessarily has to be aligned with Evil factions. He's just free from any recognized Kingdom, this freedom can be used for either good or bad deeds.

Don't confuse Pirates with Harad corsairs, they're part of a faction.

How to become a Pirate

Join Pirate faction (/t join Pirates). Pirates are not a faction with fixed alignment. There is not a Pirate king. They're organized in crews (each one headed by a captain) that can decide their own relationships, even allying with a Kingdom when they want.

You can join a crew or start your own pirate activity.

1) First thing is finding an island or a point of the coast to build a Village with a port, and get the required ships. One "Large Ship" is enough to recognize the first settlement, a "Colonial Navy" is required to occupy more islands, an "Invading Navy" is required to participate in battles.

2) Once your Village with a port is recognized and you've payed 1 Colonization Point to the Staff, you can create your own Piracy crew and register it together with your settlements in the Piracy Holdings page (if any info is missing, it's nulled).

3) If you are the Captain of a pirate crew, you must write whom your crewmates are in the piracy wiki page comments, and whom the Captain is. Failure to do so will result in your crew being disbanded.


A complete list of information you might need to know if you're considering to become a Pirate.

  • Pirates settlements follow same recognized structures rules of all races, you may build an orcish/human/elven settlement but not a dwarven one.
  • Pirates can only settle in coastal provinces and islands.
  • Pirates can build Village with a port even in coastal provinces owned by other Kingdoms (allied or not), and the other types of settlements (such as cities or castles) only after the province is either colonized or conquered. Fortified harbors on coastal provinces get a name given by the captain of the crew.
  • Occupied islands also get named by Pirates. Harbors located on islands are named "island's harbor", other settlements have their separate names.
  • Only when occupying an archipelago, one Major Harbor (Main Village with a port) may be sufficient, while the other islands can have a non-fortified little harbor with a Galley to continue building other settlements in them. An archipelago is considered a collection of three or more Islands in decent proximity to each other. Players can request staff to check whether what they have counts or not.
  • Pirates get a special Casus Belli for war called Pillage. This Casus Belli allows a pirate crew to raid the coastal province of any faction they choose, within 7 sea tiles of an owned harbor. This is assuming they have a recognized Invasion Navy. If the pirates successfully raid the province, they will get 5k coins and a large pouch worth of building blocks from the player that owns said province, of which these terms will be overseen by staff so they are not too unfair to either party. If the faction raided has no king, the plunder will be supplied by staff. The same faction cannot be plundered again for 1 week, as they would have to recuperate their belongings. If a pirate crew is defeated however, they will be forced to pay back 2.5k and a ship from their fleet will be sunk. Allies of the faction can come to their aid in a pillaging war, however only a max of three players outside the faction can answer the call. If the faction being raided is inactive, this max is lifted.
  • If a faction has been raided at least three times by the same pirate crew, the king of the faction can choose to offer a Danegeld. This means the pirate crew would be given a province owned by the faction to rule over as a vassal of that king. The newly created faction would have the option to declare civil war from their overlord if they so choose. If the king wishes to retake the province, he will be forced to declare a war. The new faction will not be given its own Towny slot, unless it manages to expand into at least 7 provinces total. Until it has that territory, it will simply be a part of the pirate Towny slot, and the province will be recolored on the map.
  • Kings of factions can ask the Captain of a pirate crew if they wish to become Privateers of that faction’s navy. This means the Pirate Captain will be payed in a set amount of money or other objects, depending on what the two parties agree on. In exchange the Crew will assist the faction in both land and Naval battles, bringing their own fleet to bare, for a set amount of time agreed on in the contract. The contract for privateers CANNOT lock them into service infinitely, it must be a set amount of time. If a Pirate Captain breaks a privateer contract in any way, he is not allowed to partake in such a deal for 1 month. These deals should be made in the roleplay-stories channel on the Ancar discord, and then added to the diplomacy wiki page as well. Failure to do so will nullify the contract, and all items will be returned to their original owners.
  • Pirates can only use any equipment & armor. (Exceptions are: Morgul, Gondolin, Galvorn, Mithril, Mithril Trimmed Dwarven Armor.)
  • If pirates become privateers of a faction they have negative alignment with, they can ask staff to reset that alignment.
  • Ships made for fleets must look decent, so not a wooden cube with a sail on it.
  • The type of mounts a pirate crew is allowed to use is based off the race of the crews Captain. Example: if the Captain is a Wood-Elf, the crew can only ride elks.
  • Enemy factions of pirates can declare a war against a specific pirate crew of their choosing in exchange for a warpoint. This will allow them to destroy a harbor of said crew. Once the war is declared, the attacking faction first must beat the pirates navy in open sea combat. If they lose the war ends and the pirates claim victory, but if they win they move on to the next stage which is to assault the harbor itself. The attackers will charge from their ships onto the beaches of the harbor and attempt to defeat the pirates held up inside. If the attackers win, the harbor is destroyed and the attackers will gain a plunder of 2.5k from the Captain. If they lose the pirates claim victory. If the Captain is unable to pay the 2.5k, he must offer something that is equal to the coin amount, of which this transaction will be overseen by staff.


Crew mates of a pirate crew have the option to mutiny against their captain if they feel he has been mistreating them in any way. To start a mutiny, at least two people must DM a staff member to start a vote, similar to that of one in a civil war. Crew members have the option to vote Yes, to mutiny against the Captain, or No, to keep the Captain in power. If the Yes votes are 80% or more of the total number of crew mates, then the Captain will be forced to walk the plank. If it is equal or greater than 40%, a Mutiny begins, and the fleets split to a fair number decided by staff depending on how many people vs how many people. If it is less than 40% the mutineers fail and are forced to walk the plank. If a Mutiny does begin, there will be several battles in a tug-of-war format. The mutineer fleet will first have to defeat the loyalist fleet out on sea, if they lose the Mutiny fails, but if they are victorious, they move on to the last stage, which is to siege down the main harbor. This will work similarly to that of a normal siege, except the attackers will start on their ships, parked out in front of the harbor they must attack. Normal siege rules apply. If the mutineers fail, they are forced back onto open sea, and will have to beat the loyalist fleet to continue. If they are successful, they win the Mutiny, and can establish a new Captain amongst themselves, and do as they wish with the loyalists they beat.

Note: Sardinia is not to be considered an island like the other small ones, so it can't be claimed nor fortified harbors can be built there. Small islands around it can be occupied instead.

Note v2: It is up to the Pirate Captain to distribute acquired wealth amongst his crew mates, and up to the individual crew mates to mutiny, or leave depending how they feel about the Captains treatment of them.

Last Update: 2/1/2021

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